Yesterday's network architectures aren't equipped to support today's user needs - or new technologies. The corporate Data Center (DC) as we know it must evolve.

Traditional networks suffer poor performance and slow speeds because they were never designed to handle such a high volume of traffic. Virtualization, real-time applications and mobile devices all put tremendous pressure on today’s data centers — and that pressure isn't reduced by throwing more bandwidth at the problem.

It's about rethinking data center infrastructure design, from the ground up.

Virtualization and distributed applications are transforming every part of the data center. To maximize the potential of virtualization, the network must also transform.

Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research

Our Data Center switching solutions help you:

  • Meet and exceed the demands of bandwidth-hungry applications on your network infrastructure
  • Dynamically adjust application traffic flow and follow VM movement within or between data center sites
  • Automate processes and apply policies for the best user experience with minimum manual intervention
  • Prepare for the future with modular, mesh and cloud options - with no lock-in to a specific vendor

A Data Center that's ready for the future of your business

To balance cost with performance and scalability, your next DC model must be application fluent and automated. Automation at the network control layer eliminates latency and optimizes application delivery. An application fluent network understands the unique requirements of each application, user, device and context to automatically adapt the network and ensure the best performance.

The Data Center can become your enterprise cloud: For larger enterprises, application fluency enables the corporate data center to become a multi-site private cloud by extending layer-2 connectivity between multiple data center sites. Hybrid cloud models are also supported, so public cloud-based services can be seamlessly delivered on the corporate network.

For smaller Data Centers – no chassis required: Advanced mesh architecture allows top-of-rack switches to be directly connected, so you can benefit from a full-featured fabric with built-in automated virtual machine mobility. The mesh is less complex, highly scalable and delivers unmatched performance at a fraction of the cost.

Customers are driving connectivity with ALE switching solutions
Here's why our customers choose Application Fluent DC Networks

  • Meet the needs of virtualized applications and deliver a high-quality user experience with market-leading low latency.
  • Optimize server utilization more rapidly and with fewer errors via automated VM movement.
  • Speed and simplify application deployment and disaster recovery with automation.
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX spend with a high-density, low-power-consuming network fabric.
  • Streamline IT operations through automation and integration with standard hypervisors.
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