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Upper Darby School District

Upper Darby started from scratch and worked with ALE to build a solid technology infrastructure that would help achieve the district’s curriculum goals.

  • Country: United States Of America
  • Industry: Education
  • Solution: Data Center, Autonomous Network

Upper Darby School District was operating a disparate network. They began working toward a 1:1 device learning initiative but connectivity to the Internet was unreliable. Taking a step back, they identified the need for a comprehensive plan to create an enterprise-grade network, one that would support an advanced wireless environment. With grant money they were able to invest in an infrastructure from ALE that added better connectivity, greater safety, advanced application use for digital learning, and accomplished the goals of the district to provide an advanced, reliable network.

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Technology was a focal point in our comprehensive plan. The AlcatelLucent Enterprise solutions were the most cost-effective design for our needs. We turned on the network, and it worked the first time – that was a big thing! Today, it handles additional capacity and it still works.
Bob Hilinski, Director of Technology, Upper Darby School District



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