Hybrid POL supports large premises with a mix of Passive Optical LAN and Ethernet LAN with better network performance and security.

Companies that span several buildings and long distances can benefit from a combined Passive Optical LAN and Ethernet LAN solution. Hybrid POL offers cost savings and better network performance, with advanced networking and Wi-Fi. This solution is a good fit for medium to high user density networks in large premises.

Our Hybrid POL solution leverages a single fiber link to deliver enterprise services with high bandwidth and low latency to large density environments. This solution connects the core and the access layers of an ALE Ethernet LAN through a Nokia POL infrastructure, with one or several split levels.

The Solution

Large premises and high-density network


HPOL reduces the number of switching layers required for telecom closets, power and cooling systems while offering fiber connectivity over long distances. This solution provides capabilities such as:

  • Networking services –LAN edge features including Layer 2 services, HPOE, security and optional redundant uplinks.
  • Network management – Ease of network management for both POL and Ethernet LAN with powerful and user-friendly management systems.
  • Cabling reduction – Eliminates the need of dedicated telecom closets and cooling systems on each floor or IDF.
  • Infrastructure cost savings –Removal of the distribution switching layer thus to the reduction of costs in infrastructure.
  • Latest generation Wi-Fi –Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi with the latest Wi-Fi standards supported in Hybrid POL architecture.
Customer Benefits

Here’s why customers choose ALE

  • Future-proof fiber investment
  • LAN and WLAN enterprise-grade features
  • Redundancy possible at all layers
  • Flexible and scalable design
  • Centralized management cost savings
  • Active equipment, fiber and copper cabling optimization
  • Power consumption and real estate space savings
  • Single vendor for end-to-end solution