Rainbow offers developers a library of connectors to objects, processes, and applications to customize interactions while providing relevant information.

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow is a CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) platform that offers developers unlimited customization capabilities through numerous APIs. Rainbow cloud services can be integrated into a website or mobile application, providing direct contact with your end customers. One example is a customer portal created to reach sales or support teams directly from within your website.

Rainbow CPaaS has a complete development framework:

  • Discover our Rainbow API Hub website for developers: https://hub.openrainbow.com
  • Find information about our available APIs
  • Benefit from our software development kits (SDK): Web (AngularJS), iOS (Objective-C), Android (Java), CSharp, and Server (Node.JS)


Creating your application is free. Rainbow CPaaS offers free on-boarding to all developers to start their application development process. You will instantly get access to numerous API resources such as:

  • contact management
  • chat
  • voice
  • video
  • screen sharing
  • file transfer and storage
  • group collaboration
  • automation bots and more

Register on the Rainbow platform in the Sandbox environment and create your application for free. Payment details will be required for fees associated with use. Once your payment details have been provided, you can push your application to production when you are ready.

Use is measured and invoiced on four elements per application [1]:

  • Administration APIs (Create and manage objects and identities on the platform) -  2000 API calls/month free then 0.005€/$ per API call [2]
  • Bots & Resource APIs (Use and connect objects to create services) - 5000 API calls/month free then 0.001€/$ per API call [3]
  • WebRTC minutes (Minutes of voice or video calls, screen sharing used by your identities on the platform) -  500 min/month free then 0.005€/$ per min
  • Storage (Gigabytes used by your identities) -  5 GB/month free then 0.1€/$ per GB

Each measured item is priced specifically. You get a free level of use on the production platform before we start invoicing every month.

Invoices are sent monthly and are based on the API use for the previous month. Credit card payment is automatic once the invoice is issued [4].

[1] When starting and during execution, our SDKs do additional API requests for keeping consistent data within Rainbow, that are part and mixed into the monthly measurement.

[2] Administration and provisioning element targets the following Rainbow APIs: Admin API, Billing API, Subscription API, Invoices API, Metrics API. This concerns REST API and additionally the SDK NodeJS when calling methods for administrating users or companies.

[3] Resources element targets the following Rainbow APIs: Authentication API + all other API offered by SDK for managing resources such as bubbles, groups, files, chat that are not addressing the API listed in [2].

[4] Number of APIs consumed per application is updated every hour.

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