ALE Australia & New Zealand

Where Everything Connects

Our vision is simple: deliver the customized technology experiences our customers need. To make everything connect.

We deliver networking and communications that work. Our mission is to create customized technology experiences: at your premises, from the cloud or as a hybrid. With our global reach and local focus, we’re changing how businesses buy technology. And by tailoring solutions to the people that use them, we help our customers make everything connect. 

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Our local office

ALEnterprise (Australia) Pty Ltd
5 Rider Boulevard
Rhodes NSW 2138


Tel. +61 2 9370 3000

For more information, visit our global site in English.

When everything connects the right way, information, people, teams and your entire business will work together, better.  It’s a simple, yet powerful idea. It’s our way of working.

Jack Chen, CEO, ALE