Connect citizens and employees in friendly digital interactions. Our digital government solutions help you provide a breakthrough citizen experience.

Digital interactions transform the public service experience for both citizens and public servants. These interactions help municipalities simplify the citizen experience and engage the community, while maintaining public service continuity in crisis situations. Plus, automation of recurrent tasks enables employees to focus on citizens.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions help you offer citizens seamless access to personalized, digital services. Digital services enable employees to collaborate across silos, automate repetitive tasks. Our digital solutions respect GDPR as well as other data privacy requirements and are available in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid mode.

Move to digital government with Rainbow

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Bring citizens, elected representatives, local officials and staff together with digital services.

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Transform the public service experience

  • Transform the citizen experience and engage the community with digital services
  • Automate recurrent services for better efficiency
  • Break silos between services and ensure continuity with digital, remote workplaces
  • Secure citizen and public service data
  • Optimise the budget with flexible business models

Deliver next-generation, digital experiences

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Engage with your citizens in a secure digital space using Rainbow, which modernizes public service with audio, video and chat interactions from your website and apps. With Rainbow, you can simplify administrative requests and gather community feedback, send public safety alerts instantly, and evolve to smart services with geolocation, IoT or A.I.

Digital services on government websites or mobile apps simplify access to administrative procedures. You can automate recurrent requests with A.I.-powered chatbots, citizens can request a service or notify of public damage and be sure they reach the right service. Public services can address more requests, faster.

A modern, digital workspace empowers public servants. Employees from the same or different departments can exchange information using voice, chat, video or files. Field operators connect to operation centers in real-time and reduce on-site intervention times. In crisis situations, agents can work remotely thanks to secure access to their digital workplace.

Gain citizen confidence with data privacy and cost control

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How you ensure data privacy establishes your digital reputation. Our native, secure and private-by-design solution mitigates security risks and protects sensitive information through user authentication and encrypted data flow in transit. Rainbow servers respect cloud sovereignty and comply with the latest European data privacy regulations (GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013).

Flexible options help you control public spending and respect data sovereignty. You can choose off-the-shelf applications, end-to-end solutions or platforms-as-a-service APIs to integrate into existing applications or workflows. Cloud, on-premises or hybrid options take advantage of existing infrastructures to reduce deployment time, costs and let you evolve at your speed.

Rainbow quickly became an integral part of our work. Internally, we do most things via chat and telephony over Rainbow, and we use video calls for our department meetings. This enabled us to work seamlessly from home during the pandemic.

Alexander Stoll, Project Manager, City of Herrenberg, Germany

Customer Benefits

Citizens enjoy convenience and simplicity all the time:

  • Digital and personalized transactions on mobile devices save citizen time and enhance satisfaction
  • Simple collaboration empowers community engagement
  • Remote work tools for public servants ensure public service continuity in any situation

Public sector employees enjoy improved working conditions:

  • A digital workplace simplifies access to tools, colleagues and information from anywhere
  • Mobility and connectivity enhance effectiveness
  • Collaboration and information-sharing powers silo breaking, autonomy and decision-making
  • Public service data is encrypted, safe and secured

IT managers enjoy smooth digital transformation and a secure solution:

  • You are accompanied with top expertise and extensive digital transformation experiences
  • Your users are supported by global, multi-lingual experts
  • Rainbow is a proven, industrialised and government-recognized solution worldwide
  • On-premises deployment options respect strict government data security prerequisites

Public service managers control efficiency and costs:

  • The Rainbow CPaaS infrastructure saves time and money when deploying a cloud solution
  • Flexible solutions such as cloud, on-premises or hybrid adapt to your budget
Customer References
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Scottish Government

The Scottish Government centralise and secure their network to offer a better experience for their agencies and for their customers.

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Herrenberg transforms into a smart city and communicates now using the cloud-based Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ app

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Metropolis and City of Perpignan

The metropolis and city of Perpignan are implementing a strategic digital transition plan to address the connectivity needs of citizen, visitors and municipal employees

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Prefeitura de Fortaleza

Modernized network infrastructure is enabling the Prefeitura de Fortaleza to provide better and more efficient service to its citizens.

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