Multi-site event brings global ideas and expertise together

Emmanuel Helbert
September 21, 2022

A culture of remote collaboration creates a forum where employees can share experiences and expertise and ideas can incubate.

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Recently we were fortunate to share a day with some of ALE’s best and brightest employees from around the world, in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). On 13th May, we came together to share thoughts and ideas about where the world is headed, as we hosted our international AI Developers’ Day.

Today, technology is at the service of human beings when we are at work, as well as when we are at home. However, making sense of, and using the vast volumes of data collected, in a useful way, will require something a little more advanced than the humble processing power of our brains. That’s where AI comes in. AI has already become critical in using data to enable intelligent decision-making. It can improve efficiency, productivity and aid in the creation of ‘super-smart societies’.

As we look at remote and hybrid working, e-commerce, fraud prevention, personalised learning and smart education, autonomous vehicles and facial recognition, to name a few, the opportunities seem endless. And AI applications are being embraced across all industries, including healthcare, education, business, manufacturing and gaming, among others.

The growing importance of AI, and its already pervasive presence in our everyday lives, made it the ideal theme for our first-ever ALE AI Developers’ Day. Our long history as a technology innovator, spanning more than 100 years, provides a foundation for our unique insights based on a proven track record of experience and innovation. Tapping into that expertise through a live, global event provided an opportunity to share ideas in a remote collaborative space, and helped to strengthen the company culture around a key technology capable of transforming our customers' digital environment.

Today, the Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar Asset Tracking solution already incorporates AI as part of our digital transformation portfolio as we transition customers to next-generation technologies. Additionally, “Alie” our in-house AI chatbot, assists partners as they navigate our Business Partner website every day.

We believe that using AI and other technological advances, like the cloud and 5G, can help improve our environment and optimise our lives. Events like our AI Developers’ Day provide an exciting opportunity for employees to come together to incubate ideas based on expertise and benefit from our shared experiences…stay tuned for more!

Emmanuel Helbert

Emmanuel Helbert

Manager Innovation, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Emmanuel Helbert has more than 25 years of experience in the Telecommunication industry. In charge of managing innovation, he’s developing an innovative mindset within ALE while multiplying inspiring collaborations. He deeply believes that creativity comes from mixing talent and culture and that co-creation is the main engine for disruptive innovation.

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Multi-site event brings global ideas and expertise together

A culture of remote collaboration creates a forum where employees can share experiences and expertise and ideas can incubate.

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