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Kevin Jennings

North America Sales Account Director, ALE

Kevin Jennings

Kevin Jennings

Account Director, Enterprise Sales

Kevin is first and foremost, a business technology consultant. He is currently the Southwestern United States account director with ALE, bringing almost three decades of experience and successful results in business technology. Kevin is guided by a philosophy that “life is a journey of moment-by-moment growth or atrophy,” and his personal journey directive is a decisive choice for growth.

Every moment is an opportunity to make a difference and the difference that I am committed to making is a positive one of progress and fulfillment for everyone.

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Man sleeping in driverless car for blog post

Accelerating to Zero

Connected-driverless vehicles (automobiles not operated by humans, yet connected to a sophisticated guidance network) will become the norm.

Blog 1200x299
Digital Age Networking

Your whys our why for selling

Your whys, are our Why

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The Road to ITS

Building Today’s and Tomorrow’s Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Connected Solutions and Devices

Demythologizing Cisco Part V: “Cisco Leads in Total Cost of…

Cisco often claims that it may charge a little more (a little?!) for its network switches than the competition, but when all things are considered, Cisco leads in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  Really?