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September 26, 2022

How a successful digital transformation can improve your government IT teams efficiency.

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It’s clear that digital transformation is accelerating across every industry. Unfortunately, government organisations have not always been at the forefront of technology adoption. More recently, however, we have seen an increased focus on transformation driven by the need to improve services for citizens, as well as improve operational efficiencies for cost savings into the future.

Today, ensuring operational efficiency, is among the top business issues governments need to address. As employees move into work from home and hybrid models, government organisations need to consider digital transformation strategies that deliver the network and communications solutions to ensure workers can do their job. As well they need to ensure IT operational efficiency with simple, time saving solutions that can improve the implementation, support and maintenance experience.

Making a transformation happen in today’s large-scale government IT environments, is no easy task. It requires a talented, dedicated team. In addition to maintaining the legacy infrastructure that is keeping the lights on today, IT teams are under pressure to deal with everyday tasks, resolve issues and manage ongoing projects, while at the same time planning and implementing a digital transformation strategy that will take them into the future.

A solution for today and tomorrow

With resources stretched paper-thin IT team efficiency is critically important for all government organisations. From a network perspective, IT organisations need to consider solutions that deliver:

  • High security features
  • A unified management platform
  • One operating system across all switches
  • Automated deployment and secure IoT onboarding
  • Open standards to simplify integration
  • Advanced network analytics

In terms of communications and collaboration, they need to think about:

  • A single collaboration platform for voice, video, IM, conferencing
  • Recording user training videos
  • Alarm notification and workflow management
  • An Easy Deployment Server for large scale, secure, zero touch deployment
  • Automatic backup and restore

All of these elements can simplify management, reduce IT support calls, ease deployment and reduce errors, as well as reduce training, management and operational time.

Learn how ALE is boosting government IT team efficiency through digital transformation.

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Jay Ouwehand

Government Lead UK, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Jay is responsible for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s UK Government go-to-market strategy. His experience working with government organisations provides in-depth knowledge of the industry’s business processes, technology ecosystems and challenges. Jay has 16 years of experience in the technology industry, six of which are in the public sector.

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