The call of the wild – urban and rural

Charlotte Holtzer blog author
May 11, 2021

Delivering 6000 kilometers of coverage demands experience. Sipwise and ALE provide solutions to help Oricom deliver the services their customers need.

Our world has changed dramatically over the last twelve months. The clamor for access to reliable communications for everyone is accelerating the need for broadband infrastructure — far and wide, rural and urban— and the demand has never been more pressing.

For some Internet Service Providers the global situation has been a raucous wake-up call to take a long hard look at their networks. For others, such as Oricom, who were already on the path to re-vamping their network, the global situation has put them in the right place, at the right time.

 As a North American Internet Service Provider, Oricom has a vast and varied customer-base. Since 1995 they have called Quebec City home, delivering telephony, internet and television solutions to both residential and business clients. They offer cable, DSL, fibre optics, wireless and dial-up access across a network that spans much of Canada and the United States. However, Oricom knew they were at a crossroads where they needed to update their existing network to bring the access and services their customers wanted and needed, to their doorsteps.

Enter Sipwise

Sipwise, an ALE company, has extensive experience developing and operating large-scale Internet service platforms around the globe. This expertise made them ideally suited to help Oricom update their network to offer new, innovative, unified communications and collaboration services to their customers.

As Sipwise’s first Canadian customer, Oricom threw down the gauntlet, challenging the company to deliver a solution to address more than 6000 kilometers of coverage. Sipwise responded with a Class 5 Softswitch turnkey solution that enables carrier-grade, scalable VoIP services, and provides the simplicity and ease-of-use Oricom wanted. To enable innovative communications and collaboration, Sipwise leveraged their existing unified communications platform to deliver user-friendly collaboration tools from voice-to-video, to connect people, machines, and processes.

A lesson or two

Experience teaches us that adopting and integrating new systems doesn’t happen without knocking up against a challenge or two. Through installation, training and onboarding, the Sipwise/Oricom teams have worked together, meeting and addressing challenges head-on and garnering praise and positive feedback along the way. The Sipwise/Oricom solution is a point of pride for everyone involved.

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Charlotte Holtzer blog author

Charlotte Holtzer

Account Director, Canada

Charlotte is currently the Account Director for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise in Canada. Prior to that, she managed the Services Sales Strategy for the North America region. She has been in the organization over 10 years.

Charlotte has a Master of Science in Business from ESC Grenoble, along with a French Master of Engineering in Telecommunications from IMT Atlantique.

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