Unleash the benefits of social learning

Greg Kovich
September 19, 2022

Rainbow Classroom helps schools use social learning to engage students and succeed.

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Social learning helps your students engage, encourages creativity and helps them retain information to achieve greater academic success. Whether in a classroom, online or in a hybrid environment, the days of students needing to adapt their learning styles and interactions to the way a school functions are over.

• In a 2020 survey, 76.9 percent of learners indicated they enjoyed working with social learning tools, while 92.3 percent indicated the need to further include social learning tools as part of their formal education.

• Course completion increased to 85 percent on HBX, a Harvard Business School online education initiative, when it introduced social learning.

A collaborative approach to education puts students at the centre of learning and makes their journey a smooth, rewarding and personalised experience. To accomplish this, schools and universities must be as agile and responsive as possible to accommodate ever-evolving student preferences. Student-centric platforms, technologies and applications play a key role by putting your school’s resources into students’ hands and allowing you to:

• Deliver active, engaging learning to a dispersed campus

• Simplify teachers’ lives so they can focus on teaching, not on technology

• Enable students to perform their best and reach their potential

To get you on the path to social learning, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is offering use of our dedicated, remote learning platform — using only a simple web browser and internet connection —  FREE for three months.

Help your students achieve better results, enjoy their time on campus and share their positive experiences with others. When students and faculty are successful, schools and universities are successful.

Greg Kovich

Greg Kovich

Global Sales Lead, Education Vertical

Greg Kovich leads global sales for ALE’s Education vertical.  Greg has overseen or created several Education solutions including “The Fundamentals of Communications” – a vendor neutral course on digital network communications; “Safe Campus” – a solution uniting emergency alerts with first responder collaboration and mass notification; “Secure Campus” – a solution that allows instructors to limit student network access to determined sites; and “Pandemic Education Continuity” – a solution that enables classroom instruction in the event the institution is closed due to health or environmental crisis. 

He is a 1992 graduate of Indiana University with over 20 yrs experience in Information Technology.

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Social learning education blog main image

Unleash the benefits of social learning

Rainbow Classroom helps schools use social learning to engage students and succeed.

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