Social learning and training success: An open letter to HR

Blaine Albios
September 19, 2022

Companies requiring interactive training can use dedicated learning platforms to produce a motivated and autonomous workforce.

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Effective training must be social.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to sit glassy eyed through an interminable Bataan death march of PowerPoint training slides featuring a somnambulant voiceover, purposefully recorded to cure 90 different kinds of insomnia. The sad thing is, I’m sure you’ve had to sit through the same in your line of work.

Social learning provides a great way for employees to learn interactively—instead of the same old scenario where you’re lecturing to employees and hoping they’ll listen. A collaborative aspect to learning engages them in a way that is interactive, impactful and keeps teams interested enough to retain (and apply) information. A dedicated remote learning platform, accessed through a simple web browser and internet connection, becomes the foundation for social learning that a bunch of slides delivered over a corporate conferencing system simply can’t provide.

Instead of training that results in your employees just killing time, fulfilling their HR-mandated requirements—wouldn’t a simple-to-use, social learning tool that resonates at the office, home, or anywhere else, be a better time investment? These employee-centric training technologies and applications can help you:

  • Deliver active, engaging learning to a dispersed learning community
  • Simplify trainers’ lives so they can focus on teaching, not on technology
  • Enable employees to perform their best and reach their potential
  • Produce a motivated, autonomous and highly trained workforce

To get you on the path to corporate training that makes learning interactive, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is offering use of our dedicated remote learning platform—using only a simple web browser and internet connection—FREE for three months. Help your employees stay involved, retain what you need them to and achieve better results. Engaged employees are good business.

Blaine Albios

Blaine Albios

Education Marketing Program Manager and Creative Catalyst, ALE

As Education Marketing Program Manager and Creative Catalyst at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Blaine-o defines the creation, development, and marketing of global education campaigns and tier-one multi-media and creative direction for demand generation. His goal is to drive audience engagement in a way that entertains and inspires.

Unlike most contributors to this blog, he is not an engineer and probably won’t focus on the technical speeds and feeds that typically define our industry. He’s one of the 99%- the folks at the sharp end of the spear trying to apply the theories and use the technology that you as a network administrator or CIO have implemented so he can be more productive at his job. Give his material a look…it might be a perspective worth reading about…

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