Abilene Christian University simplified and leveraged existing infrastructure to support e-learning on campus and offer students a greater connected experience at a very low cost.

  • Country: United States Of America
  • Industry: Education
  • Solution: Data Center, Autonomous Network, Shortest Path Bridging

Abilene Christian University (ACU) is a private university and national leader in Christian higher education. ACU was founded in 1906 and is located in Abilene, Texas. The university is currently home to about 4600 students and 865 staff members.

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has been our trusted partner for many years now. They’ve been able to help us solve issues and plan for the future while working within our budget. They consistently enable us to meet our goals without compromising on cost or quality. ACU looks forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.

Arthur Brant, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Abilene Christian University


  • ACU was facing intensifying capacity issues on its wireless network due to an increase in leveraging Cloud-based resources and students’ voracious appetite for bandwidth.
  • The university grew frustrated with the complexity of their network, more specifically with the spanning tree protocol (STP) interconnecting their switches, and wanted a solution to simplify it.

  • Lastly, ACU needed a solution that would work within their constrained budget and help them to leverage their existing infrastructure.

Products & Solutions


  • OmniSwitch 6860E
  • OmniSwitch 6900 Stackable LAN Switch
  • OmniVista 2500 Network Management System
  • Enterprise Professional Services


  • Data Center
  • Mobile Campus


  • Thanks to network analytics, ACU pinpointed video streaming applications as the key bandwidth drain and now limits this traffic during peak hours.
  • The Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) pilot conducted by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivered a simpler network. SPB is now being deployed throughout the data center and campus for a simplified, more scalable and bandwidth-optimized network. 


  • Intelligent bandwidth management means capitalizing on existing infrastructure, saving the university money.
  • Turning on the SPB capabilities embedded in deployed products has delivered additional value at zero cost.

User Experience:

  • Users have access to more available and consistent wireless connectivity throughout the day that supports teaching and learning on the ACU campus.
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