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ASL Milano 2

Using Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions, the ASL Milano health service developed a high-performance, reliable system.

  • Country: Italy
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Solution: Autonomous Network, Connected Solutions and Devices

ASL Milano 2 was founded in 1998 when the different health centers in Southeastern Milan joined forces.

With its 57 municipalities and a population of about 630,000 citizens, ASL Milano 2 provides its services through a network of 33 connected facilities.

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The service delivered by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise also improved infrastructure security, thanks to the new spatial redundancy function. In case of issues, the management of the affected exchange is transferred to an exchange at another company building, thus providing communication continuity, as well preserving the investments we made.
Claudio Valota, CIO, ASL MILANO



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