Calhoun First UMC needed a modern wireless network to stream video, join its buildings and connect parishioners, staff and preschool teachers across campus.

  • Country: United States Of America
  • Industry: Other
  • Solution: Cloud Communications, Unified Communications

Calhoun First UMC, serving a community north of Atlanta, Georgia, since 1852, was struggling with wireless connectivity for staff, preschool teachers and parishioners when Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Stellar Wireless LAN Access Points were introduced.

The new network delivers high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity between the two main buildings of the church, separated by a city street. The new wireless network creates cost savings as it removes the need for extra network maintenance, accommodates video streaming to the overflow area for large events on site, and connects employees and teachers better across the campus.

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivered the wireless performance we needed. The quality and reviews of the equipment sold the product.

Ed Archer, Pastor, IT Director


The two main buildings of Calhoun First UMC are classically older and made of concrete and steel. This created connectivity issues for the existing wireless network. Running wires was deemed too expensive and impractical. It was when the church hosted a funeral for a prominent member of the community that streaming video over Wi-Fi to the overflow area failed and pushed the church to seek better technology.

Products & Solutions

Technical Benefits

  • Stellar APs deliver strong signals through concrete and steel for complete coverage
  • Increased bandwidth throughout the church grounds
  • Exposed Service Provider bandwidth issues

Financial Benefits

  • New reliable wireless network keeps the network up, removes need for extra network maintenance cost with a secondary service provider
  • Cost of APs met budget

User Experience Benefits

  • Parishioners no longer complain about poor connectivity
  • Staff finding better coverage and bandwidth
  • Wi-Fi to enable on-site donation kiosks and video surveillance for site security
  • Enabled the use of educational videos in pre-school classes
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