ALE and 8 Telecom, the business partner, proposed a converged solution integrating WiFi, telecommunications and data switches.

  • Country: China, Hong Kong
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Solution: Business Telephony

Camlux is the first hotel in Hong Kong's Kowloon Bay located the east of the Kowloon Peninsula and north of Hong Kong Island.

Built in a former factory, every corner of the hotel holds a hint of the building’s former glory, from the modern aesthetic of the 185 rooms to the streamlined, business oriented mindset that is applied to services.

Following two rounds of demonstrations, Camlux was convinced of solution’s simplicity as well as the benefits of having a single provider instead of three.

Camlux Hotel Logo
Calmux Hotel Image
We built the Camlux Hotel in an old factory because we wanted to offer our guests something special. With the ALE solution proposed by 8 Telecom we deliver a guest experience that is as exceptional as our hotel.

Calvin HK Wong, General Manager, Camlux Hotel


  • The Camlux Hotel needed an expert partner to install equipment in a challenging environment: a newly renovated and converted factory.
  • Targeting local corporate businesses, the new hotel needed a WiFi, telecommunications and data Switch solution to deliver top-of-the-line communications and WiFi to its staff and exigent clientele.

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  • The converged solution ensures greater reliability and responsiveness, and eliminates interoperability issues.
  • Camlux can call up to 80 rooms in one minute, a particularly useful feature for group wake-up calls.
  • LAN and WiFi are managed through a single platform, simplifying management and maintenance.
  • The equipment was installed without incident in the hotel, delivering pervasive WiFi across the property.


  • The OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server uses the Alcatel Hotel Link (AHL) to connect directly with the hotel Property Management System (PMS), eliminating with need for middleware and reducing cost.

User experience:

  • The solution simplified guest check-in, enabling staff to connect to deliver efficient, responsive services.
  • WiFi is a critical service in Hong Kong where guests expect to be connected at all times.
  • Thanks to the solution they are able to connect their devices in a matter of seconds.
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