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Centre Hospitalier de Peronne

The CH Péronne was already familiar with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions and was convinced that the scalability of the proposed system would meet its present and future needs.

  • Country: France
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Solution: Connected Solutions and Devices

The Centre Hospitalier de Péronne (CH Péronne) hospital complex is located in the French department of the Somme.

The hospital, which operates numerous services including an ER, has 348 patient beds and spaces. The CH Péronne employs 72 practitioners and 513 non-medical staff that handle the 8000 hospitalizations, 80,000 consultations and 14,000 visits to the ER each year.

Thanks to Etit and its partner Resadia, who holds the UGAP contract for telephony systems with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, the hospital benefited from commercial terms that helped optimize its budget.

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I know the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions well and I trust them completely. Our new telephony system will help the CH Péronne continue the large scale modernization of our infrastructure. One day, we hope to be on 100% IP!
Philippe Huddlestone, Technical Director and IT Security Manager, Centre Hospitalier de Péronne



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