Cockerill Maintenance & Ingenierie (CMI) centralized its global IT operations while upgrading infrastructure to support data-heavy tasks and tapping into evolutions in the Industrial Internet of Things.

  • Country: Belgium
  • Industry: Process Industries
  • Solution: Autonomous Network

Business Partner: SHINKA IT SPRL 

CMI is a mechanical engineering and services group based in Seraing, Belgium, operating in 19 markets from 50 sites worldwide. CMI designs and produces equipment for many industrial sectors, employing a 4600-strong workforce in Africa, Brazil, China, Europe, India, New Caledonia, Russia and the United States. CMI operations are grouped into five main sectors: CMI Energy, CMI Defense, CMI Industry, CMI Environment, and CMI Services.

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Close co-operation and support from ALE and Shinka was a major factor in ensuring this project went smoothly, and with our existing good relationship in place, completely met our expectations… upgrading our core network with the advanced ALE switches was the perfect choice.

Pascal Sebenello, IT Manager, Cockerill Maintenance & Ingenierie


  • With 50 sites and 4600 employees worldwide, reliable communication and collaboration is essential for CMI. The company needed infrastructure capable of supporting data-heavy tasks, like modeling and sharing detailed CAD designs worldwide. 

  • To benefit from evolutions in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), CMI required a secure solution capable of reliably feeding back continuous, real-time data streams from multiple machines and assets, without loss of performance.

  • Lastly, CMI wanted to centralize all IT operations in Belgium, eliminating the need to deploy IT support staff to its numerous sites across the globe.

Products & Solutions


  • OmniSwitch 6900 Stackable LAN Switch
  • OmniSwitch 6860 Stackable LAN Switch
  • OmniSwitch 6450 Stackable Gigabit Ethernet LAN Switch


  • Mobile Campus




  • Centralized management of CMI worldwide IT is done via the main company site in Belgium, allowing corporate devices to be configured centrally while minimizing the global IT support footprint.
  • The solution was implemented at all 50 CMI sites with no disruption to business operations. OmniSwitch 6900 LAN switches offer the high performance and low latency needed to support CMI’s data-heavy requirements. 


  • The OmniSwitch 6900 delivers an increase in efficiency and performance at a lower cost than the old chassis. 
  • CMI’s new core can support future company growth and expansion of new Industrial IoT deployments, such as automation tools and connected devices in the production environment.

User Experience:

  • Employees can connect to the main CMI network at all sites worldwide, bolstering mobility. Their devices are set up and configured for global use, with no geographical limitations.
  • CMI users, including employees, external contractors and third-party users, benefit from highly secure and reliable core communications infrastructure.
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