Hongik University

A reliable 40G network infrastructure improves student and staff experiences.

  • Country: South Korea
  • Industry: Education
  • Solution: Autonomous Network, Business Continuity, Intelligent Fabric

Hongik University, where industry meets the arts, are focused on producing remarkable talents, through a variety of initiatives to improve the quality of education and research. The university supports the founding philosophy of humanitarian ideals and industry-academic collaboration so that individuals can develop personal competence, self-reliance and independence to contribute to the development of the country and society.

We have already developed strong trust in the products and the vendor after using ALE network products stably without significant faults for a long time. We were able to select ALE’s proposition with confidence as we had been impressed by ALE’s prompt technical support when faults broke out.
Mr. Song Ki-Cheol, ICT Center, Hongik University




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Super-fast network infrastructure improves student satisfaction with lectures and on campus life

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