The hotel chose to renovate its Wi-Fi network to make it more efficient, fluid, secure and high-capacity 

  • Country: France
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Solution: Autonomous Network, WiFi Solutions, Unified Access

Le Palladia, an independent 4-star hotel on the left bank of Toulouse, harmoniously combines luxury, comfort and design in its 90 spacious rooms and suites as well as its 285-seat amphitheatre,  400-seat auditorium,  16 meeting rooms,  cosy bar-lounge and 180-seat gourmet restaurant.

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We appreciate the work done, particularly on the performance of the equipment and services chosen. The use of the Wi-Fi is not only fluid for all Palladia customers which can use video streams without interference but also allows to extend the use of conference and performance halls. These rooms have opened up to other more specific uses such as the use of video-conferencing or access to online contests. We receive positive feedback from customers, such as: "Great on can even stream!"

Elodie Davoust, Communications Officer, Palladia Hotel


  • Palladia Hotel wanted to offer guests highdensity Wi-Fi access with a new guest portal that could be fully integrated with the existing communications system. 

Products & Solutions


  • The Alcate-Lucent OmniAccess Stellar WLAN solution integrated perfectly with the existing infrastructure and way easy to deploy
  • Scalability makes it possible to accommodate the increase in the number of users - both customers and employees - and use cases - tourism and business facilities - in the coming years


  • Wi-Fi allows Le Palladia to generate revenues from business customers thanks to the capacity increase in conference rooms connectivity
  • It allows the hotel to offer digital services to hundreds of the amphiteater and auditorium guests, such as promotion pushes or contests
  • The migration without service interruption allowed the hotel to continue offering the same services and maintan reservation numbers
  • Wi-Fi ease of use of use, speed and reliability support guest loyalty and repeat business for both leisure and business guests

User experience:

  • The always-on connectivity maintains an exceptional guest experience for a very demanding clientele: tourism and business, local and international
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