In addition to lectures, Loughborough University partnered with ALE to enable its post-grad students to work on real-word problems with leading organisations.

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Industry: Education
  • Solution: Cloud Communications, Rainbow, Unified Communications, Autonomous Network

Loughborough University is recognised as a top 10 UK university for excellence in research. Together with the East Midlands campus, the London campus situated in East London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, is home to hundreds of postgraduate students from around the world who benefit from its award-winning reputation for dynamic research, creativity and corporate partnerships.

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This was a fantastic and eye-opening experience that was beneficial for all involved. The experience was a positive one in light of the frequency and nature of communications and interactions facilitated by the ALE members of staff. This was reflected (and amplified) in the students’ eagerness and enthusiasm to engage with the project brief and offer innovative insights into ALE and Rainbow.

Dr. Karim Ahmed, University Teacher, Loughborough University London


Loughborough University London wanted to create an opportunity for postgraduate students to work alongside industry leaders to develop real-world solutions to address real-life challenges.

Products & Solutions

Loughborough University London:

  • Ongoing success in partnerships solidifies its internationally-renowned reputation as one of the leading post-graduate universities in the world
  • A positive experience participating in the collaborative initiative and would recommend similar projects to other academic institution

Post-graduate students:

  • Transform lecture theory into practice
  • The opportunity to collaborate with industry professionals
  • Gain valuable real-life experience
  • Enhanced employment opportunities after graduation


  • Gain new insights and real-user experience from student research
  • Support academic initiatives to create a collaborative environment to advance post-graduate student careers
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