PayTren can now connect its users more efficiently with Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ Communication Platform as a Service

  • Country: Indonesia
  • Industry: Finance & Insurance
  • Solution: Cloud Communications, Rainbow

Business Partner: ACA Pacific 

PayTren is a financial institution that provides payment gateway services and facilitates every day monetary transactions for its users. The company has an online license for online payments and e-money transactions. The peer-to-peer lending platform currently has over 2 million users.


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Everything moves fast in this digital era, that's why PayTren needed a transformation. We needed something extraordinary, a cloud platform to connect with the communities that use our services. We wanted a solution that would support service delivery, not just an ordinary messaging platform.

Hari Prabowo, CEO, PayTren

PayTren can now connect its users more efficiently


  • In today’s technology-driven world, the role of financial services providers has changed drastically. Much of this change is driven by the need for faster, more efficient, and more personal communication.
  • PayTren wanted to move from traditional chat-based customer support toward community management to better educate their customers, and have them use latest PayTren services to increase user adoption, increase the number of registered users and open new revenue streams thanks to new services.
  • One of these new services is a membership-based communication platform where users can create or join private groups with shared interests. To carry out this strategic initiative the company needed a powerful cloud solution that could support the 2 million users projected to use the service and enable the creation of closed members-only digital communities. 

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  • Rainbow’s Software Development Kit (SDK) and Application Programing Interface (API) were easily integrated with PayTren’s core application.
  • Management of the solution is carried out externally by ALE, resulting in a well-maintained up-to-date platform.
  • Integration with Rainbow cloud services enables the communication function in PayTren’s application for 2 million users. Thanks to Rainbow, closed groups can be created and managed by “Leaders”, who curate membership requests from other “Members”.


  • Rainbow supports the company culture and organizational transformation PayTren has undertaken to evolve its business model and achieve its vision. 
  • The membership-based community building platform generates a revenue source for PayTren.

User Experience:

  • The solution conforms to government policies and is adapted to sharia principles, ensuring Indonesia’s largely Muslim population can use PayTren services. 
  • Private groups enjoy enhanced communication thanks to Rainbow’s sharing capabilities. 
  • Rainbow is accessible to the PayTren community from various mobile devices (Android and iOS) as well as via desktop application. 
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