POS TUNING: has facilitated communications and mobility at its Bad Salzuflen facility thanks to reliable WiFi powered by Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Stellar access points.

  • Country: Germany
  • Industry: Services
  • Solution: Autonomous Network, WiFi Solutions, Unified Access

Business Partner: Nachrichtentechnik Bielefeld GmbH (NTB)

Founded in 1998, POS TUNING Udo Voßhenrich GmbH & Co. KG manufactures functional elements for higher visibility and efficiency in retail shelves and freezers. The company is innovating to become a provider of holistic innovative point of sale (POS) solutions. POS TUNING’s services are used by customers in 120 countries across five continents.

The time savings gained and the simplification of the work involved in setting up, managing, monitoring and optimizing and increasing the efficiency of the network inspires us as IT specialists and also pleases our corporate management.

Rene Sczyrba, Head of IT Business Systems, POS TUNING

  • On its premises in Bad Salzuflen, in the north of Germany, POS TUNING was operating a local network based on ALE LAN and WLAN technology. In 2017, the company decided to upgrade its WLAN since existing components had reached the end of their lifecycle and were no longer able to offer adequate performance. 


  • In addition, more bandwidth was needed to achieve complete WLAN coverage of the entire site. Further requirements were the creation of guest WiFi access without additional software as well as a centralized, unified network management system for LAN and WLAN for greater efficiency and simplicity.
Products & Solutions


  • POS TUNING now has complete coverage of its entire administration area. Soon, the three production halls and the warehouse, all located on the same site, will also be equipped with Stellar access points.
  • OmniVista 2500 and ProActive Lifecycle Management (PALM) provide unified configuration and policy management for WAN and WLAN for centralized operations.
  • The single web-based user interface has simplified IT operations and boosted efficiency.


  • ProActive Lifecycle Management (PALM)  helps the IT team track network health while reducing their administration and management burden, enabling them to focus on higher value tasks.
  • The future-proof WLAN can be built on to meet future needs in a cost-effective manner.

User Experience:

  • Staff and visitors connect to their separate SSID networks for greater performance and security.
  • WiFi is available throughout the POS TUNING site, supporting mobility and facilitating communications onsite.
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