Quonex chooses Rainbow as a unique communication tool for their employees, regardless of which device they use.

  • Country: France
  • Industry: Services
  • Solution: Rainbow, Security, Unified Communications

Quonex designs and integrates communication solutions, making use of software, hardware and innovative services.

The company, employing 210 people across 5 sites, decided to provide their employees with state-of-the-art IT equipment and a unique unified communications solution.

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We have a high quality partnership with ALE. Our strong bond, built over years of collaboration, enables us to propose innovative solutions to customers. Starting in September, we will offer all of our clients the chance to migrate to the latest ALE product software that natively integrates Rainbow functionalities.

Edouard Gosselin, Managing Director, Quonex

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  • Quonex planned to use digital technology to modernize and attract new talent, as well as facilitate internal communications among its 210 employees spread across 5 sites
  • In addition, Quonex wanted to offer a collaboration tool adapted to modern uses and work habits that would better meet the needs of its customers
  • Quonex is always looking for the best products and services
  • The company implemented Rainbow internally as a unified communications application and plans to offer it to customers starting in September 2017



  • The Rainbow solution is installed on all Quonex employee smartphones, maximizing their efficiency.
  • For the IT teams, Rainbow allows the quick modification of processes while ensuring the security of communications.
  • Quonex's company iPhones are “locked” to ensure all employees use the same business communication applications and to facilitate work for the IT team.
  • Data storage in the French ALE cloud ensures the confidentiality of communications.
  • Going forward, Quonex wants to use Rainbow's APIs to communicate from its business applications, or even connect Rainbow to the "IoT" tools that will appear in the near future.


  • The implementation of Rainbow has resulted in lower calling costs and reduced travel expenses for the Quonex team.

User Experience:

  • Working groups, created through Rainbow's "bubbles", increase productivity and give customers an ecosystem with improved exchanges within the Quonex team.
  • Rainbow facilitates communication between employees, regardless of which device they use, and reduces internal emailing.
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