A modern LAN, area-wide WLAN, and smart network management connect guests and staff efficiently.

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Industry: Hospitality

Located in the canton of Glarus, Sportzentrum Kerenzerberg is one of the largest sports centers in Switzerland for amateur as well as professional sports. Every year, the center, which also includes a hotel, restaurant, and sports medicine facility, hosts the participants of 400 courses, requiring a total of 30,000 overnight stays. Recently, the center was expanded with the addition of a new building, in which a comprehensive building automation system ensures the intelligent connection of all technical components.

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“We are very satisfied with our new network solution, which is running stably after a smooth roll-out. Thanks to the remote network management and competent support, we don't need any on-site IT staff to operate it.”

Marco Bücken, Deputy Operations Manager, Sportzentrum Kerenzerberg


The expansion called for a high-availability network infrastructure, with central network management, and an area-wide wireless LAN, offering easy guest registration. The basement, where employees and guests spend a great deal of time, had to be fully integrated.


A. Lehmann Elektro AG, a long-standing Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partner, was commissioned to handle the planning, implementation and operation of the network. Franco Bonutto of Soltris GmbH, coordinated the project.

Based on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise products, Lehmann Elektro implemented a high-availability network with redundant remote stacking of the switches to maximize reliability. A high-performance wireless LAN provides self-registration for guests. Wi-Fi calling and roaming ensure area-wide coverage throughout the building, even at places without a GSM signal.

The intelligent network management allows Lehmann Elektro to control and monitor the entire network remotely, so there is no need for Sportzentrum Kerenzerberg to provide IT staff.

Products & Solutions

Technical Benefits

  • Stackable LAN switches, state-of-the-art WLAN access points, and central network management create a highly efficient network infrastructure.
  • WLAN with self-registration ensures area-wide network access for employees and guests
  • Wi-Fi calling and roaming enable cell phone calls at places with limited GSM coverage
  • Remote stacking and redundant provisioning of switches increase network resilience

Financial Benefits

  • The components implemented offer an attractive price-performance ratio and a high level of investment protection
  • Cohesive network design simplifies numerous building technology functions, creating the basis for measurable cost savings
  • IT cost is minimized

User Experience Benefits

  • Employees and guests have mobile WLAN, with uninterrupted access everywhere in the building, including the basement
  • The technical service can centrally monitor all building control data for ventilation, heating, among others, and detect possible malfunctions at an early stage
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