A 100 Year birthday celebration for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

From a business telephony pioneer in Alsace, France to a global entity present in 55 countries

Global, June 4th, 2019. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

June 4th is a special day for all Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise employees around the world as they celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the company together. Founded in 1919, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has always been dedicated to making everything connect, pioneering technology advances for a century.

The company solutions, people and culture have always had innovation as part of their DNA with iconic solutions at the forefront of technology, designed to help businesses be successful for the last 100 years. Home of the ubiquitous Minitel, the forerunner of the internet, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides communications and networking solutions that range from business telephony to data networking to cloud based communications and collaboration tools. As such, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is a major enabler for the digital transformation sweeping the globe.

The company partners with global companies such as IBM, Samsung and Quicktext to provide tailored solutions for a range of industries including hospitality, healthcare, education, transportation and government.

And don’t be surprised to see Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise in the Tour de France and other cycling tours globally! As a major sponsor of Team Dimension Data and Qhubeka Charity, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides support to the team for connectivity collaboration and asset tracking. For more information, watch Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Team Dimension Data in action.

Today is a day where employees in 55 countries will all proudly celebrate together the values, history and culture of the company to launch the next 100 years of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.



A timeline of 100 Years of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

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We are very proud to be celebrating the 100-year anniversary of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. Not many technology companies have achieved that milestone. Since our founding in 1919, we have been dedicated to making everything connect. We have a rich history of innovation in communications and networking solutions, and it is thanks to our people and partners that we have been able to serve customers around the world. Today we celebrate our culture and values as we embrace the next 100 years of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise serving the enterprise spirit.

Jack Chen, CEO, ALE

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