• Rainbow Service HDS guarantees the protection of healthcare data
  • Rainbow Service HDS meets healthcare facility mobility and collaboration needs
  • ALE solution exceeds France's HDS compliance requirements

ALE launches Rainbow Service HDS, signs the “Committed to eHealth” charter, and contributes to accelerating the shift towards digital health.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise shows commitment to France’s “My Health 2022” plan with Rainbow Service HDS

Paris, France - 24 November 2020: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a leading provider of communications, networking and cloud solutions tailored to customers’ industries, has signed France’s “Committed to e-Health” charter from the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, alongside over 319 manufacturers in the e-health sector. This charter demonstrates ALE's commitment to support its customers in compliance with the principles of ethics, security, and the protection of personal data. The company also plans to develop information systems, services and digital tools that comply with basic standards (ethics, security, interoperability) and basic services (DMP, secure messaging, e-prescription, among others).

The availability of the ALE Rainbow Service HDS collaboration cloud offer, certified as “Health Data Host” by AFNOR, is the first concrete demonstration of ALE’s commitment. HDS certification addresses the basic reference component of the “My Health 2022” plan, by recommending the implementation of a solution that meets comprehensive information security requirements (ISO 27001), as well as specific additional requirements, such as GDPR and PGSSI-S compliance.

Rainbow Service HDS guarantees the protection of healthcare data

This year, the subject of personal data protection has been particularly relevant due to:

  • Uncertainties about the transfer and use of data stored in Europe and hosted by American companies, linked to the Cloud Act
  • GDPR measures related to postponed web tracking, allowing the use of citizen tracking solutions implemented by European governments to fight the pandemic
  • The invalidation of the "Privacy Shield" by the Court of Justice of the European Union, which provided a legal basis, governing the transfer of data between Europe and the United States
  • Uncertainties linked to the CNIL (National IT and liberties Commission) position on the hosting solution of the “Health data hub” platform

ALE, a company incorporated under French law, has developed, operates and hosts the Rainbow Service HDS offer in France. By hosting its solution in France, ALE surpasses the HDS compliance requirements. This approach allows ALE customers to rely on a sovereign cloud solution. Rainbow Service HDS comprehensively addresses the six areas required for HDS certification. In addition to the first three areas covered by its hosting partner OVH Healthcare, the ALE operational teams manage the last three. The six HDS certification requirements are as follows

(1) Provision and maintain the physical sites, making it possible to host the information system hardware infrastructure used to process health data

(2) Provision and maintain the information system hardware infrastructure used to process health data

(3) Provision and maintain the information system application hosting platform. The scope of the ALE certification covers the planned fields of application 4, 5 and 6 in the requirements reference system related to the protection of personal health data, which are:

(4) Provision and maintain the virtual infrastructure of the information system used to process health data

(5) Administration and operation of the information system containing health data

(6) Outsourced backup of health data


Rainbow Service HDS meets healthcare facility mobility and collaboration needs 

The global health crisis has demonstrated the importance of innovative communications and collaboration solutions to remotely coordinate activities to ensure continuity of the healthcare facility, while safeguarding the healthcare staff. Rainbow Service HDS allows customers to adapt their working environment to address current needs, including:

  • Telework: facilitating remote work for administrative and technical staff who are not directly involved in providing healthcare
  • Mobile telephony: in particular for teams spread across multiple locations

The following examples illustrate the need in terms of mobile telephony and collaboration:

  • Starting a call from a desk phone in one click on the Rainbow PC client; screen sharing with other users to help accelerate comprehension and decision-making on a particular subject
  • Launching instant videoconferencing, from the web or from a smartphone, and setting up multidisciplinary meetings with multiple clinicians
  • Ascertaining the availability of colleagues, and whether they are in meetings or on the phone, to facilitate quick contacts and access to information
  • Sharing files via the cloud, which provides access to all types of documents such as a treatment reports, prescriptions, and large images in DICOM format
  • Maintaining social contacts by chatting with colleagues on smartphones regardless of where others are located
  • Communicating extensively with the community through Rainbow news channels; broadcasting internal communications, information reminders, or medical instructions

The Rainbow Service HDS offer will not be limited to collaboration services

ALE plans to go further by offering APIs to create an interface with the basic "My health 2022” services, such as compatibility with e-CPS. It also plans to provide connectivity in hospital innovation projects, such as remote consultation solutions, connected patient monitoring using connected devices (IoT), and connected object aggregation solutions (IOT Hub), among others.

Nicole Hill, International Director Healthcare Sector, at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and member of the Digital Health Council stated: “Healthcare is a key sector for our development strategy, and the Rainbow Service HDS collaborative platform reaffirms our desire to support the acceleration of the digital shift in healthcare in France. We can provide secure connectivity for nursing staff and patients, offering flexibility, mobility and efficiency, to optimise healthcare pathways and contribute to a successful digital transformation, which is beneficial to patients, staff and the entire healthcare system."

* The Alcatel-Lucent name and logo are trademarks of Nokia used under license by ALE.
Rainbow Service HDS is intended to be a simple and flexible collaboration tool. It is a secure and intuitive platform, dedicated to healthcare professionals. It facilitates their exchanges in the office or on the move, within their healthcare teams, with their peers and healthcare staff. Users can indicate their availability in real-time, share information related to daily life in the department, as well as medical data and information on specific cases. Rainbow Service HDS delivers greater efficiency and simplifies the life of healthcare staff while allowing them to free-up time for clinical patient care.

Christophe Milon, France Healthcare Sales Director, ALE

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