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ALE announces partnership with RN Projects

August 28, 2023

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partners with RN Projects to deliver networking solutions and enhanced connect experiences.

This partnership works extremely well as both companies bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and an innovation mindset to targeted sectors like Hospitality and Aged Care. Combining forces means our customers can expect solutions that suit their specific industry, and we can present them with use cases and ideas based on real experiences. We are also cognisant that these industries have risen above massive challenges and undergone serious transitions in the past years. As such ALE and RN Projects can support them with new cloud and location services to provide fit-for-purpose networking and on-demand business models that are perfectly placed to complement those digital changes.
Maud Holvast, Country Business Leader for the ANZ Region at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
With the demand we are experiencing across key vertical markets in Australia and New Zealand, it is vitally important for us to offer high-performance and innovative solutions that can be delivered on-time and on budget. ALE’s strong standing in hospitality and aged care combined with innovative solutions and competitive business models makes this strategic partnership very valuable for our customers.
Christoffer Svalstedt, Global Director at RN Projects

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