Melbourne, Australia

Tapendium and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise collaborate to offer next generation hospitality guest experience

Hotel communications solution increases guest mobility and back of house productivity

Melbourne, Australia, 28th of October, 2019 - Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, in partnership with Tapendium, is offering hotels a new telephony solution using tablet device technology. The solution enables guests to make internal and external phone calls through Tapendium tablets that are integrated with Rainbow by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and telephony systems. The integrated hospitality telephony offer aims to disrupt the hospitality telephony market by delivering an enhanced guest experience and improving communication access for all hotel employees.

The ALE-Tapendium collaboration provides hotels with an alternative to the existing landline phone while enhancing guest-hotel communication capabilities. The single, unified telephony system on VoIP technology provides carrier-grade communications from the guest room directly to the back office, enabling seamless communication between guests and hotel staff, as well as increasing guest mobility and ultimately helping to build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

"We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with ALE today. The collaboration between Tapendium and ALE brings to fruition the vision of a wireless and highly connected SMART room that enables mobility, digital customer engagement and sets up the infrastructure for IoT connectivity,” said Steve Wooding, Tapendium CEO. “Guests now only require one tablet device to engage digitally with the hotel, from ordering room service, booking a taxi, making a restaurant reservation, to making phone calls through the integrated Rainbow solution."

In a competitive industry where customer loyalty is increasingly hard to earn, hotels are constantly working to offer differentiating services and experiences. The connected Rainbow communications solution is designed to help them stand out in a crowded market by providing guests with digital touch points at every stage of their customer journey: before, during and after their stay.

"The integrated solution will revolutionise the hotel guest experience and engagement with hotel staff and beyond. It will also enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty,” said Gregoire Thomas, Head of Cloud and Communication Business Engines for ALE in APAC. “ALE is excited to collaborate with Tapendium to provide this complete mobile telephony solution that will disrupt the status quo and facilitate technology adoption within the hospitality industry."

About Rainbow from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Rainbow for hospitality is an enterprise-grade application with an easy to use, intuitive user interface requiring almost no training. This is key in an industry where employment can be seasonal, and guests come and go.

Rainbow is delivered from the cloud. It provides:

  • An open platform as a service (CPaaS) with a set of APIs enabling integration of the powerful Rainbow collaboration tools into existing in-house applications and business processes
  • Security and authentication enabling administrators to create, delete and modify accounts 
  • Analytics from web interface 
  • Data privacy with collected information limited to the use of the hotel only 
  • Ability to connect any application to on-premise or Cloud-based Telephony systems 
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Tapendium is an interactive cloud-based digital in-room e-concierge solution that will revolutionize guest engagement and the customer experience. It replaces the traditional in-room compendium for a clutter-free and paper-free room, reduces operational costs, increases workplace productivity, functions as a digital marketing platform, increases revenue and most importantly, encourages guest loyalty. Tapendium is Samsung’s official business solutions partner.
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