Rainbow offers a critical regulatory and technical framework ensuring security of health data

ALE, operating under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand, is proud to announce that in December 2019 it obtained HDS, the AFNOR-delivered French health data hosting certification, (Hébergeur Données de Santé in French), for its Rainbow communication and collaboration solution, named Rainbow Service HDS in France.

The Rainbow Service HDS offer is certified for all activities in the HDS repository, thanks to OVH Healthcare hosting capabilities (certified as infrastructure host with data centres located in France) and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s hosting activities.

The scope of the certification obtained by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise covers the following:

  • The provision and operational maintenance of the virtual infrastructure of Information Systems used for health data processing,
  • The administration and operation of Information Systems containing  health data,
  • The backup of Health data.

In addition to the HDS certification, Rainbow is certified ISO 27001, a European standard related to the information security management, and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

* The Alcatel-Lucent name and logo are trademarks of Nokia used under license by ALE.
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Press Contacts

Nicole HILL, Worldwide Healthcare sector director
Patrick HOURTOULLE, Healthcare solutions marketing
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