CMI Group chooses futureproof network infrastructure from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to meet growing demand of Industrial IoT.

CMI Group, the international engineering and services group headquartered in Belgium, has upgraded its enterprise-wide network to support a rapidly growing workforce and new heavy data traffic demands that come with it. The solution, based on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise networking technology, secures the entire network and provides low latency, high bandwidth access for 4,600 users spanning 50 sites worldwide.

The solution lays the foundation to support the future deployment of connected industrial devices, which require a network infrastructure capable of reliably feeding back real-time data streams from multiple machines and assets, without performance loss.

The new network enables CMI Group to provide staff with enhanced mobility and connectivity to support its growth. Employees can now connect to the main CMI network no matter which global site they are based at. Simpler user and device onboarding has also been added to ease the IT workload of regularly adding new users and assigning them roles within the group.

CMI now has the ability to manage all IT operations from a single centralized location, eliminating the need to deploy additional IT support staff and resources at all of its sites. Security was a major feature of the new project as CMI recognized the need for increased data and network protection at a time when cybersecurity is at the fore of IT management.

ALE Business Partner and network portfolio specialist, Shinka IT, proposed the deployment of Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch® 6900 Stackable LAN switches to form a new network core. Network security and user authentication was boosted with the deployment of the 802.1X standard, ensuring only authorized users can access the network and then only the specific areas they require.

Nicolas Daems, Shinka IT
"We strongly advised CMI to opt for the next generation of ALE hardware as it comfortably met the project requirements for security, scalability and flexibility. The installation has been a complete success, with no operational disruptions. Despite the challenges of implementing 802.1X across so many sites, we achieved this at a migration rate of 1-2 company locations per week.”

Ilja Daldini, Channel Sales Manager, ALE
“CMI now has the ability to roll out future expansions of connected industrial devices. The existing OmniSwitch 6450 Stackable LAN switches offer high modularity and can be easily upgraded to 10Gig uplink ports when required. The extra capacity and bandwidth of the new OmniSwitch 6900 core provides the opportunity to introduce more connected devices as part of the industry’s evolution toward the data-heavy Industrial Internet of Things.”

It was vital that we had a network capable of supporting our ambitious growth plans. We opted for a core network upgrade to ensure we could continue to meet our constantly evolving business needs and continue to manage our global IT operations centrally from Belgium. 

Pascal Sebenello, CMI Group