Download this practical guide for all hospital IT managers and teams, and gain an insight into the ideal network infrastructure for your healthcare facility.

Our 25-page guide offers an in-depth study of the things you should be considering when reviewing your network provision.

 We start with an overview of the technologies available, from Location-Based Services and Smart Analytics to access control, and explore the benefits they can bring to healthcare staff, patients and network managers.

 We then make 7 recommendations for a better healthcare network, accompanied by case studies, diagrams and proof points.

  1. Choose the right technology
  2. Deploy pervasive WLAN using Unified Access 
  3. Evaluate the entire access network 
  4. Right-size the Core
  5. Simplify network management and enhance application and service visibility
  6. Provide secure Internet access and BYOD, with minimal impact
  7. Extend connectivity beyond the hospital 

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