Schools partnerships with ALE offer a technology learning program for students, with access to development sandboxes, collaboration with experts, and more.

The ALE University Partnership Program provides partnerships between schools and businesses to access innovative development sandboxes and benefit from leading technologies. 

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Who is this program for?

Benefits for students - The ALE University Partnership Program is for all students that they want to enhance their knowledge in computer science. This program gives to universities a privileged access to ALE cloud platforms for communication and for Location Based Services. University, students and teachers benefit from a partner of a leading company with 100 years of experience:

  • State of the art technology for communication and network
  • Access to open and flexible cloud platforms
  • Proximity with our experts, developers and partners
  • Be part of ALE innovation community to Participate to hackathons
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How can I learn?

Learning program - For students who want to gain computational expertise and enhance their skills in computer science Artificial Intelligence (AI) and geolocation based analytics.

The ALE University Partnership Program offers:

  • Tutorials and practical use cases
  • A free access to the development platforms
  • Advantageous conditions for licenses and hardware
  • A proximity with our developers
  • Forums and collaborative spaces to exchange ideas
  • Interaction with industry leaders