Unleash the genius in your students by giving them experience developing AI-enabled communications and location based services solutions.

Educators try to provide the richest environment for their students to gain knowledge and experience. Exposing students to real world experience develops qualities that future employers value. Although internships and volunteer work are valuable, a program that cultivates advanced technical skills and practical applications is priceless.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise helps educators create real-world, on-campus experiences through our Innovation Partnership Program (IPP). We provide students with real-world problem-solving experiences where they develop cognitive communications and/or location based services technology solutions. ALE provides valuable mentorship, equipment and applications for students to create solutions and engage the business community.

The Innovation Partnership Program enhances knowledge

  • Gain computational expertise and enhance skills in AI and LBS
  • Access state-of-the-art cognitive communication and Wi-Fi technologies
  • Access development environments (sandboxes, forums, tutorials, APIs and SDKs)
  • Collaborate with mentor experts, developers and partners
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Partnering to develop innovative technology

Teach students state-of-the-art technology today, to be ready for tomorrow

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Awaken the genius within your students

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Your students learn, use and develop the latest technologies, then put into practice what they’ve been taught. Students will have hands-on instruction in artificial intelligence (AI) enabled cognitive communication platforms, such as Rainbow CPaaS, and location based services (LBS).

Plus, with access to state-of-the-art cognitive communication and Wi-Fi technologies, your students gain invaluable real-world experience.

Students will build solutions on a variety of platforms using AI, open databases, and analytics. This includes development on various web, mobile, or desktop platforms employing SDKs and APIs, creating custom applications with more than 50 APIs including chat, video, and provisioning services.

This program also provides students with the best possible experience to reach their full potential. IPP provides mentorship from industry leaders and access to developer communities, collaboration spaces and forums, tutorials, use cases, technical documentation and SDKs.


Customer Benefits

How do we help students and institutions?

Real-world experience: we expose students and teachers to cutting-edge AI-enabled cognitive communications and location based services technology to give students real-world problem-solving experiences.

Foster innovation: student projects have the potential to solve real-world problems for the university, business partners and the community.

Valuable partnerships: collaboration between industry experts, teachers and students provides insight into real-world technology needs. A school/business partnership unleashes potential and provides hands-on opportunities for training future developers.

Enhanced reputation: innovation increases recognition for the school or university.