Amigo Software a UK based company specializing in software designed for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, offering solutions on both Rainbow and OmniPCX platforms. Work with a company that has its solutions running in more than 80 countries and not only you get winning solutions but also world-beating support.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified, Expert Developer Premium
  • Partner Solution: CTI integrations, Voice Recording, CRM integrations, Contact Centers, Rainbow
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Industry: Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Other, Transportation



We are the very first companies that worked on Rainbow platform and today we offering a range of solutions in the form of direct sales and via OEM.

Delivering simplified Rainbow APIs for on-premise solutions for businesses who do not have development teams or the knowledge of CPaaS APIs.



For Rainbow platform:

  • QuickBOT

In addition of above solutions, we are working on a range of Rainbow Connectors (PBX,CRMs and IMS systems) to integrate and deliver powerful features of Rainbow CPaaS right inside everyday business applications.


For OXO platforms:

  • QuickRecord
  • QuickIVR
  • QuickBilling
  • QuickView


A cloud-based call (Audio &Video) recording platform for Rainbow users. Record all the calls upload them to secure and hosted solution. Search for calls, listen and flag/score calls accordingly.

 Amigo QuickINTERACT

All of above with the power of CPaaS APIs to integrate the whole solution in existing applications. Have your Audio and Video calls with Chat right there in your business applications.

The solution is AWS powered and thus highly scalable and available


Rainbow CPaaS are powerful APIs but not every company has the resources or the desire to go through learning curve of the APIs.

Amigo quickBOT
Amigo has come up with a middleware that takes all the complexities away and fast-tracks the solution development on CPaaS APIs.

Amigo QuickBOT

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A completely software based solution with multi-level tree and integration with third-party APIs and a text to speech engine.


  • Customer experience,
  • Workflow,
  • Time management,
  • Self-service,
  • Agent cost optimization.


  • Multi-level and multi-customer,
  • Voice prompt navigation,
  • Third-party integration,
  • Text to speech engine,
  • Speech recognition,
  • Email and fax.


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A VoIP, SIP and TDM call recorder with multi-tenancy and an option for quality monitor


  • PCI-DSS,
  • MiFID II and GDPR Complaint,
  • Dispute management,
  • Real time agent monitoring,
  • Agent training,
  • Multi-tenancy,
  • Multi-PBX
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  • ROD,
  • Recording Filters,
  • Job Scheduling and Archiving,
  • Silent Monitor,
  • Custom Call Flags,
  • Advanced Search,
  • Permission Groups,
  • Custom UI,
  • Email,
  • Playback
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ACD wallboard / QuickVIEW

 A soft wallboard with real-time statistics for ACD groups and agents that can also be displayed on a plasma screen


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  • Improved Customer experience/Engagement,
  • Real time analytics,
  • Agent monitoring,
  • Group monitoring,
  • Real time threshold alerts,
  • Time management


  • ACD Groups & Virtual Groups,
  • Call Statistics,Agent Statistics,
  • Threshold Alerts,
  • Custom Layout,
  • ACD group and Agent Call Reports

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Call Accounting / QuickBILLING

 A Call Accounting solution for advanced payment configurations including multi-tariff and multi-carrier management with an option of PMS integration for the hospitality sector


  • Customer Experience,
  • Process Automation,
  • Multi-tenancy
Amigo Quick Billing screen 2


  • Call Rates Configuration,
  • Metering, and Hospitality Add-ons with Check-in/Check-out,
  • Room Update,
  • Wake-up alarm and much more,
  • Custom and pre-configured reporting with an option to export to PDF or excel
Amigo Quick Billing screen 1


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