Bowo aims to help hoteliers improve guest experience by making their internal and external services directly accessible to their guests through technology.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Rainbow
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Industry: Hospitality, Healthcare

Their expertise is in creating a seamless guest experience and while creating incremental revenue for hotel partners.

They connect Bowo's technology to existing technologies such as PMS, Ip TV or IPBX.

Thanks to data generated through their system, they are able to gain insightful knowledge of the customer journey, which is a valuable asset for hotel operators.

Created in 2017, BOWO’s (whose status is an SAS with a capital of € 62,820) head office is in PARIS.

Bowo brings digital transformation to the traditional hotel industry by enriching stays in an exceptional and unique manner. Bowo provides an all-in-one digital solution which improves room experience through a marketplace application and supports travelers during their stays.
Bowo provides visibility to the traditional hotel industry know-how by capitalizing on its advantages as well as offering differentiating value.
Its expert teams have designed the most complete and efficient solution on the market.
Bowo's aim to upgrade the stay, whether it is that of the hotelier or that of their customers, and make it even more unforgettable. For this, the primary motivation since Bowo’s creation is to create a seamless connection between:
       -  The traveler: looking for an unforgettable and hyper-personalized experience
       -  The hotelier: seeking efficient solutions which are relevant to their guests’ needs, improve customer satisfaction and generate incremental revenue
       -  The local fabric: having a positive impact on the local community by allowing external partners to reach hotel guests through a digital market place
Bowo is at the center of this virtuous cycle, facilitating exchanges, encouraginge partners and enhancing customer loyalty.
(With SMART use of traveler data available through a modular HUB product, Bowo will be able to reach 1% of the European market in 2023, which represents a total of 60,000 rooms in 1470 hotels in an international market.)
The ambition is to become the European Leader in creating hotel guest experience. For this, Bowo relies on business growth by applying the following two strategies:
        -  Innovation & technology
        -  Differentiation
Bowo sets itself apart from its competitors in order to offer a unique value proposition with high added value.
After 18 months of development in cooperation with several hotel categories (Figure 3: Client hotels), Bowo officially launched its go-to-market strategy at the end of 2018. Today, Bowo equips over 2,500 rooms in establishments divided into three categories:
        -   Upscale hotels (5 stars or luxury hotels), 47% of Bowo's turnover
        -   Mid-range hotel (3 and 4 stars), 32% of Bowo's turnover
        -   Appart'Hotel, 21% of Bowo's turnover


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Bowo SMART App

For hoteliers, understanding the customer journey is an essential point in building loyalty. Bowo App enables hotels to create a contactless and touch-free mobile guest journey that improves guest satisfaction as well as cost-efficiency.

Bowo’s excellent functionalities enable travelers to access a homogeneous offer through a multichannel and centralized application.

Bowo uses a client/server architecture with a cloud-hosted (AWS) server, as illustrated below:

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Bowo currently offers three different products:

  • A web-based back-office which allows hotel management to edit the content of the Bowo applications and send push messages/notifications
  • A web-based Progressive Web App for the end user
  • An Android Application for the end user

Both of the end-user applications use the Rainbow SDK (Android and web) to add audio/video call and messaging features through the Rainbow platform.
Bowo uses the Rainbow SDK (Android or web) to connect with ALE platform.
Their client app retrieve credentials from our server depending on the context to authenticate the appropriate user.

They then use the SDK client-side, for the following features:

  • Receiving Call
  • Initiating call, either to another Rainbow User or to an external number with mediaPillar
  • Retrieving and displaying call logs
  • Chatting with Rainbow user (either 1-1 or in a bubble)



  • Simplification of operational management: The SMART App manages all elements of the room and will achieve uniformity in the offer with simple management.
  • Offer an economical solution: Bowo SMART App brings a very competitive offer that will allow the hotelier to make immediate savings, and in the medium term to generate additional revenue.
  • Anticipation of customer needs: The prediction based on data collection during the trip, will provide customers with a suitable local offer.
  • Limitless experience: The SMART App identifies the best external offers in addition to internal services.
  • Connected device: Bowo SMART App is totally secured and is connected with current technology


Features of Bowo technology information & communication modules, ordering & reservation and entertainments. With Bowo, operators can create their own branded app to:

  • Replace printed materials and give everything guests need at their fingertips
  • Offer a contactless guest experience
  • Increase revenue and upsell services and facilities
  • Save money and boost guest engagement 
  • Gain valuable insights into their guests' preferences with powerful analytics
  • Update the content of their app at any time at no additional cost

Access to detailed InterWorking Reports (credentials is required)


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