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Engage Recording

Engage Recording

Engage is the industry leading omnichannel recording and interaction management platform. With a feature-rich set of capture types to support any omnichannel strategy, it allows organizations to obtain valuable quality, compliance, and business insights at their fingertips while decreasing the resources needed to manage the system.

Engage provides next generation recording continuity architectures as the applications they enable become more critical to your day to day operations, and thus reduces Total Cost of Ownership.


        Record all channels, over the same server, creating operational efficiency and lower costs
        Be ready for any channel, now and future: voice, chat, video, email, social media and more
        Mission critical and DIY approach

        Manage policies from one single location and automate compliance processes with Compliance Center
        Real Time compliance notifications with IntelliAgent
        Ensure compliance and quality on new channels from day one, with your existing system

   Business users & customer experience:
        Ensure customers hear the same company voice
        Analyze all customer segments and channels to uncover business insights

   Operations managers:
        Calibrate employee evaluations for all channels
        Get a full picture of the customer interaction chain
        Apply a coherent strategy for compliance, quality, performance and analytics
        across all channels


NICE Uptivity Interaction Recording for Mid-Market Contact Centers

Capture customer experience data you can use

The best measure of customer experience is hearing and seeing the interaction between agent and customer firsthand. The next best thing? Accurate, complete interaction recording capabilities that inform workforce management activities while creating an ongoing, reliable record that meets your compliance needs.

NICE Uptivity Interaction Recording omnichannel solutions let you engage and capture valuable customer communications whether by voice or on-screen. Soon-to-be-released advances include the ability to send recording triggers for chat sessions and capture additional information, such as customer ID and the web page that initiated the chat.

Avoid the consequences of unrecorded interactions, including missed revenue opportunities and costly compliance penalties. With a complete, secure record of every customer engagement, you can quickly and easily reference any one event on-demand or perform cross-channel analytics on a set of interactions to provide greater insight into overall customer experience quality.

Cross-channel capabilities for comprehensive insight

The Interaction Recording suite includes powerful capabilities to capture the content of customer exchanges across a number of touchpoints:

NICE Uptivity Desktop Recording

  • Full-motion video with synchronized audio recording creates a comprehensive view of on-screen interactions, including chat and email. Use this data to identify workflow issues, improve training and monitor/manage email and chat usage while encouraging effective use of agent tools.


NICE Uptivity Call Recording

  • Flexible, customizable functionality lets you schedule call recordings based on defined variables, priority rankings and more, so critical calls are always captured and stored accordingly.
    NICE Uptivity Desktop Analytics
  • Monitor everything happening on an agent's screen during a specific customer interaction, such as a call to cancel services. Attach data from the desktop actions to the corresponding call recording. This makes it easy to search and report on all instances of cancelled service, then analyze and implement better agent tactics going forward.
Inform Recorder

NICE Inform Recorder – Professional Recording for all Public Safety Organisations

The NICE Inform Recorder voice recording system is a reliable and future-proofed recording solution ideal for any size Public Safety Organisation to capture, store, retrieve and play back voice, radio and data communications. It can be used in traditional or IP telephony environments to deliver high quality voice recordings for all applications including verification and compliance, dispute resolution, training and quality monitoring.

  • The NICE Inform Recorder is used in conjunction with the NICE Inform search and replay application suite
  • For small PBXs, all hard- and software for NICE voice recording can be installed on one computer.
  • For larger PBXs, the hard- and software are located on a number of servers.
  • These are called core servers, satellite servers and CTI servers 
  •  Core server.
  • No channels
  • Recorder hard- and software
  • Satellite servers
  • Channels
  • CTI servers
  •  Software for communication with the PBX

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