Novalink, which has its head office in Frauenfeld, has been a leading company in the innovative alarm solutions sector since 1996. 

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Alarm system and Notification
  • Region: EMEA
  • Industry: Healthcare, Transportation, Government, Other

With more than 4000 successfully implemented systems worldwide. As a Swiss manufacturer Novalink puts a high value on knowledgeable service. Partners and customers are supported personally and in a highly motivated manner in sales, support, development and workshops.


Novaalert is the solution for flexible, fast and secure alerting, evacuating and notification. It is the instrument for a comprehensive emergency, alerting and messaging plan which initiates targeted measures. With Novaalert, the event driven notification of dozens of people within seconds of an event is assured. Security and reliability are of the utmost priority.

Novaalert alarm soft-ware is the ideal solution for alerting, evacuation and notification in a professional environment. The “Swiss made” promise of quality guarantees the highest level of reliability.

Novaalert has three decisive advantages that set it apart:

  • Manufacturer freedom due to certification for all known telephony systems and infrastructure systems
  • Technological freedom due to integration of both traditional & the most recent interfaces and IT systems.
  • Project freedom due to expertise in implementing both large and cost-effective starter projects

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  • Get the benefits of IP telephony while using your mobile devices
  • Reduce cost and increase safety with enabling lone worker functionality via manual and automatic personal alarm
  • Increase mobility with smartphone apps and deliver location service
  • De-escalate threats using a choice of triggers for a silent alarm with e.g. video/audio-stream of the actual situation
  • Improve seniors and patients safety and their quality of life
  • Let seniors stay longer at home with assisted living
  • Offload workload from nursing staff in hospitals, care facilities and off premises
  • Lower costs for nursing operator and hospital
  • Added value while protecting the customers investment through various interfaces
  • Consolidate facilities engineering management messages
  • Safe lives with effective amok alerting


  • Alarm during technical malfunctions
  • Monitoring the IT infrastructure
  • Fire and intrusion alerte
  • Mobilizing rescue team
  • Providing information in the event of disaster Situations
  • Evacuating buildings

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Zuercherstrasse 310, 8500 Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Phone: +41 52 762 66 42