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Operator Console
  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Hospitality and Healthcare
  • Region: NAR
  • Industry: Healthcare

Designed to improve call handling at the operator’s console, Spok Operator Console provides operators with single keystroke access to critical client and personnel information housed in the comprehensive database. Operators are able to expedite incoming calls as well as process and log overhead pages, messages and on-call schedules more quickly and with greater accuracy. Because the operator's phone is controlled using computer telephony integration (CTI), telephone functionality is initiated from the keyboard which reduces time and errors on every call. Reducing your operators’ time on each call by even a few seconds can translate to major cost savings, while increasing call transfer accuracy is certain to improve customer satisfaction


  • Speeds operators’ response time by permitting multiple search criteria including Last Name, First Name, Extension, Department or the defined fields.
  • Meets unique site-specific search requirements by allowing user-defined search fields.
  • Increases safety with pre-defined emergency procedures.
  • Supports quick call processing via a programmable keyboard with single keystroke access to features.
  • Provides ideal screen viewing by allowing customization of screen layout, descriptions, and color combinations.

Certification Status
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