A Revolutionary Digital Solution for Premium Hotels. Tapendium is an exciting, new hospitality solution that replaces printed compendiums in hotel rooms.Through a multi use tablet based solution, operators can consolidate some key hardware into an easy to clean and sanitise, solution allowing the guest to fully engage with the wide range of services that the facility has to offer.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Rainbow
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Industry: Healthcare, Hospitality

An Australian owned and operated start-up, Tapendium was created in 2018 with its founders recognizing that the static nature of guest communication and printed processes in hotels were extremely limiting.
Locking in Samsung as their technology partner, market leading tablets became the hardware platform for Tapendium and the company set to work on a software solution to complete the package. Within two years the goal of developing a user friendly, cloud based, scalable, customizable solution was achieved.

Tapendium Solution

With the declining number of phone calls made by hotel guests, Tapendium has consolidated the full functions of the guest room phone within a multi use tablet based solution aimed at improving the guest experience for Hotel and now also Aged Care providers. Tapendium have developed a Phone module leveraging the Rainbow SDK and APIs which connects the Tapendium tablet and presents as a fully functioning telephone

Through a multi-use tablet based solution, operators can consolidate some key hardware into an easy to clean and sanitize, solution allowing the guest to fully engage with the wide range of services that the facility has to offer.


We have a custom Android APK which acts as a launcher on the Samsung Tablet. We have developed a further Telephony Android APK which can make calls between Rainbow to Rainbow as well as Rainbow to PABX accounts. We also leverage the NodeJS SDK to post notifications to Rainbow bubbles. This is a subset of the overall hotel communications infrastructure where we work closely with other ALE partners to deliver the overall communications solution for the hotel

Our solution helps contribute to the removal of WhatsApp and other non-enterprise communications platforms currently in use in Hotels and Aged Care providers

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Measurable improvement in Return on Investment delivered by:

  • Increased Revenue – Room Service, Restaurant bookings, tours and activities sales
  • Decreased Cost – Consolidation of capital hardware – telephone, room control panels, printing, tv remote control
  • Improved Guest Satisfaction – Direct feedback delivered in real time to operators this is the benefits

Other benefits:

  • Real time communication allowing hotels to communicate with guests with unique, timely and customisable offers.
  • Post Covid an easy to sanitise tablet which allows for the removal of all printed material from a room is a key benefit.
  • Allowing for video calling in an Aged Care scenario, helps reduce social isolation and potentially opens a pathway to further video based medical management consultations and solutions

  • Room to Room, Room to Hotel and full inbound and outbound calls can be made via the Tapendium Phone App, which is housed within a multi-function solution.
  • Messaging utilizing Rainbow bubbles, allow for both device management for back of house team as well as integrating into wide range of operational support use cases.
  • Other key solution features of a Tapendium device, include Room Control (Air Con, Lighting) Food and Beverage Ordering (including integrations direct to hotel systems) Housekeeping requests, activity bookings, restaurant reservations and Television control integration


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