Vurella is a UK software company that develops and supports its products worldwide. Its Voice and Video application suites are now being integrated into a Rainbow in order to provide a range of Marketplace downloadable product. It is also working on IoT applications which will launch towards the end of 2019.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified, Expert Developer Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Voice Recording, Rainbow
  • Region: EMEA
  • Industry: Government, Transportation


Rainbow, Voice, CTI and Video are our specialty areas with focus on voice recorders for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. In addition we have a range of CTI applications such as wallboards and CRM integration solutions interoperating with the OmniPCX Office Platform

Mobile Integration:

  • IOS & Android Platforms
  • Standalone Apps
  • Mobile as an Input device (e.g. Barcode scanner)
  • Mobile for Cloud Application Access (e.g. Camera viewing)
  • Mobile as a Native Application (e.g. 3rd party API integration)


  • Decision Tree Analysis
  • Trend Spotting
  • OCR Scraping for Analyses
  • Complex Algorithms
  • Sensors & Dashboards
  • Wearable Technology


Rainbow platform:

  • Rainbow DOCK


OXO platform:


Rainbow DOCK

t looks like Rainbow. It feels like Rainbow. But actually, it’s powered by Vurella. In order to fulfil your application requests, we are offering a software docking station which seamlessly attaches to your Rainbow client. This means that Vurella has total control of the applications although they appear to be part of Rainbow.

Vurella Dock architecture



GDPR & PCI Compliant Call Recording.

Vurella vRecord sample


  • Can record Extension or Trunk Side
  • Hybrid Recorder that can record all trunk types simultaneously (VoIP, SIP, ISDN, Analogue)
  • Can be hosted in the Cloud or On-Premise
  • Offers a Hybrid Device for recording calls locally and uploading them to the cloud (no PC Required)
  • Includes all required PCI & GDRP features.
  • Extremely easy to configure
  • No client application installation required. Installed on a server and accessible via any browser.



  • VoIP, SIP, ISDN & Analogue Call Recording
  • GDPR Compliant Features
  • PCI Compliant
  • Call Recorded - Email notification
  • Call Archiving
  • User Dashboard
  • Hybrid Recording Device (Installed On-Premise & Uploads to the cloud)
  • Service Status Monitor


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