ZOOX Technologies is a US-based company with operations in Europe, North and South America. Its products portfolio includes solutions such a WiFi captive portal, artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data.

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  • Partner Level: Solution Vendor Qualified
  • Partner Solution: Stellar, Wi-Fi
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Industry: Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation, Education, Retail, Finance & Insurance, Government

The recently launched ZOOX Smart Pass solution is an evolution of the previous online check-in for the hospitality industry, which now includes big data and biometric facial recognition. Our clients’ portfolio includes segments such as hospitality, restaurants, universities, airports, metropolitan networks (buses & subways), hospitals, shopping centers, banks and petrol stations.


ZOOX provides a cloud based WiFi captive portal. Our innovative approach made us a pioneer in applying Big Data and Artificial Intelligence across many verticals such as Hospitality, Retail, Transportation and Large Venues. In addition to the secure management of your WiFi network, allowing better performance for your customers and full control of connections, ZOOX Smart WiFi acts on attracting and retaining customers, thanks to Powerful insights based on demographic and psychographic datasets from users connected to your WiFi network.

ZOOX central platform currently handles more than 12 million WiFi connections per month. Detailed demographic and psychographic datasets from users connecting to any ZOOX Smart WiFi hotspot are updated and enriched every time they connect, with adjustments on data capture and storage, depending on local regulations and clients requirements. Our roaming functionalities help the users to be automatically recognized, thus removing the need to go through the entire authentication process again.

Thanks to our HTML 5 dashboard, enriched data from users who connected to any ZOOX Smart WiFi hotspot is displayed in an intuitive and custom designed way with a detailed view of your customers’ profiles.

Our clients can craft strategic communication initiatives specific to targeted customer, including on-site surveys, email marketing and promotional coupons – to increase engagement, attract customers and build loyalty It can all be easily managed from your dedicated ZOOX dashboard.

With ZOOX Smart WiFi media solution, you can also place ultra-segmented advertising spaces in different formats, as well as third party surveys. Advertising campaigns and materials can be provided by our own media agency. Your WiFi network, instead of being a cost center, will become a profit department.

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  • Simplified WiFi guest experience.
  • Enriched users’ data information.
  • Monetization and new source of revenue.
  • Customizable dashboard to display key information about WiFi activity.
  • Enhanced users’ demographic information to better know your clients.
  • Target Marketing functionalities to improve relationship with your customers.
  • All data is stored on trusted servers and is in compliance with privacy laws.


  • Easy to install, easy to use and scalable.
  • Solution 100% cloud based.
  • Secured and adapted to data protection regulations such as GDPR.
  • Bespoke WiFi portal as per clients’ requirements.
  • Flexible pricing model and partnership program for resellers and integrators.
  • On-demand developments for specific integrations.
  • Several options for authentication (login/password, social networks, Email address, client loyalty program, Hotels’ PMS…).

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