Enhance real-time situational awareness and personal safety by linking alarm devices together with a single, centralized notification platform.

Optimizing alarm notification systems to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time is vital. For organizations that need a flexible, powerful and easy-to-install solution, the IQ Messenger notification solution is ideal.

IQ Messenger is a software-based solution that collects alarms from various systems (such as those created by industrial DECT handsets, nurse calls, fire alarms or building management systems), visualizes them using an intuitive interface, then broadcasts notifications in a number of ways. The result is enhanced incident awareness, improved staff reactivity and safer employees.

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  • Monitor alarms and notifications from multiple sources
  • Notify the most appropriate people immediately, accounting for staff mobility, availability and device type
  • Protect employees from injury or danger by delivering vital information about workplace incidents
  • Perfect design for hospital and nursing home requirements, European Medical Device Regulation certified, class 2b.


  • Native integration with OmniPCX Enterprise, wired and wireless sets over ABC-IP (providing the best service level for short messages on DECT handsets), with OXO Connect via SIP trunk and with Alcatel-Lucent WLAN handsets
  • Integration with dozens of industry-specific alarm systems, pagers, nurse calls, fire alerts, runaway/wander prevention, production alerts, industrial alarms, building management systems
  • Support of ESPA/TAP, dry contacts (electric relays), KNX, SNMP, HL7 and many more standard protocols
  • Historical reporting web interface for the creation of statistical reports on alarms and equipment
  • Graphical Floor Plan web interface for alarm location on site maps
  • Graphical Event Assignment web interface for dynamic and easy association between patients, nursing groups and devices.
  • SmartApp: alarm notification application for tablets and smartphones (Android & iOS)

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