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8018 DeskPhone

8018 DeskPhone

All phone system services from a compact model that supports USB headsets

  • 8018 DeskPhone

8018 DeskPhone
USB and headset jack ports. Both handset and speakerphone offer wideband audio to sharpen focus during important conversations
• Easy access to all phone system services. The backlit screen has six contextual keys and four-way navigation keys.
• Four programmable keys and a directory lookup key offer an intuitive navigation experience of the phone’s services.
• A compact design that perfectly fits small desks and open-plan offices.
• The 8019s DeskPhone is a digital variant of the 8018 DeskPhone: It leverages analog connectivity and offers a 3.5 mm jack for a headset.
8135s IP Conferencing Phone ALE Unite Front Left view

8135s IP Conference Phone

Conference phone for large group meetings

  • 8135s IP Conference Phone

8135s IP Conference Phone
8135s IP Conferencing Phone ALE Unite Front Left view
Dedicated device for large group meetings:
• This phone can be remotely controlled by Unite, a smartphone app connecting through Bluetooth or NFC 
• The dial pad and functions keys (on-hold, mute, call-by name) make any conference easy to manage
• Great audio comfort with the OmniSound® HD full-duplex audio, 360° microphone and echo/noise cancellation
8078s BT Premium DeskPhone

8078s Premium DeskPhone

Intuitive touch experience for managers and knowledge workers

  • 8078s Premium DeskPhone

8078s Premium DeskPhone

Save time: Instantly connect to people by a single tap on the touch screen. Quickly look-up contacts in the directory by using the alphabetic keyboard:
• Enjoy more privacy for confidential conversations: Walk into a nearby meeting room with the Bluetooth handset or a wireless ear set
• Focus on important conversations: Both speakerphone and handset offer super wideband technology for superior audio quality
• Have your brand displayed on all desks: The 5" color screen can be customized and to display the company logo.

The smartphone pairing via Bluetooth will be available in H2 2019
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