Use IoT and connected objects intelligence to take immediate and coordinated action

Smart cities, smart homes, smart buildings, smart campuses, transport hubs or smart hotel rooms, all have one topic in common: the internet of things (IoT). Riding the IoT wave opens new opportunities, but also requires numerous protocols management and scalability, as well as the integration within business processes and applications.

Due to the wide expansion of connected objects, ALE believe that the conversation, initially though from people-to-people, could now be triggered by connected objects, and then connect Artificial Intelligence and human beings, to finally remote control these connected objects. This new type of collaboration and control can transform decision-making, allowing for coordinated action.

The IoT Hub is a secure, resilient and open platform, ready to host new types of IoT protocols. It can build notification-based scenarios and connect to 3rd party applications such as the Rainbow CPaaS Platform, to initiate this new type of conversation.

IoT Hub Framework
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We project that there will be more than 41 billion IoT devices by 2027, up from about 8 billion in 2019.

Public safety in smart cities with CPaaS


  • Remotely control your office or hotel room’s AC and window blinds from your mobile device or your touch screen desktop phone set
  • Ask a hospital smart loudspeaker or your virtual assistant to tell you the list and the location of all extinguishers
  • Notify a university campus’ security, administration and teachers of an intrusion in a controlled-zone
  • Automatically increase street lights when a video-surveillance camera detects a street gathering at night


  • Composed of both gateways and the IoT Hub
  • Existing set of supported IoT protocols and simplicity to integrate new protocols
  • Connected objects and user profiles management
  • Node Red workflow integration
  • Ability to trigger and control connected objects
  • Easy integration with ALE and 3rd party application:
    • ALE’s room-automation control application for hotels or offices
    • ALE’s Rainbow CPaaS APIs to integrate in industry-specific business processes
    • ALE’s OpenTouch Notification Service to connect dry contacts and medical equipments
    • A.I.-powered voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Quicktext …
    • Business and industry-specific applications

  • Analytics and dashboards
  • Easy to configure and maintain
  • Hybrid approach: from premises to the cloud (public or private)

IoT HUB Framework

  • The IoT HUB Framework is a toolkit for building global solutions for smart rooms, offices, campuses or smart cities. It is available in project mode.
  • We can meet your business requirements by doing specific developments, customizations and integrations.
  • We can also transfer know-how to easy develop, adapt, integrate and deploy connected objects or new services, together with location-based services, Rainbow

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