Outsource the management of your communications or network infrastructure and benefit from a dedicated 24/7 service desk, upgrades and more.

Enjoy the certainty of 24-hour global support for your infrastructure. Our multilingual technical teams operate and maintain your network and respond promptly to incidents and service requests, ensuring consistent high performance throughout your organization.

We produce regular detailed reports on the service quality of your communications, while preventive maintenance helps to identify and resolve problems before they become operational incidents. And our evolution management services seamlessly upgrade your software and hardware, to ensure you always benefit from the latest developments.


  • Run your network or communications infrastructure 'hands free' - with zero IT headcount if desired
  • Get the latest technology upgrades as standard 


  • The Alcatel-Lucent Network Operation Center analyzes each request and intervenes remotely or on-site, restoring service within four hours in 95% of emergency incidents.
  • A dedicated 24/7 multilingual service desk handles service requests
  • Automated data backups offer secure data storage for the last three months

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