Customer services enhance Business Partner offerings, providing vendor engagement with flexible options to deliver a connected customer experience.

Digital transformation lets you optimise new technologies to increase efficiency and create new usages. We improve the customer experience by bridging the technology gap and creating a connected customer experience.

We assume responsibility for business outcomes. We ensure operations while you focus on your business. We enable your IT teams to bring optimal value. And, we reduce complexity to quickly enable enhanced solution value and the latest technology upgrades.

Customer services for digital transformation
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise customer services provide the vendor support and assurance to secure your digital transformation
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  • Transformation journey: Benefit from vendor expertise and commitment for a smooth transition adapted to your business
  • Optimisation and adoption: Secure your solutions’ availability and optimisation; get the assurance of true adoption for success
  • Industries and customisation: Take advantage of ALE blueprints and pre-defined solutions that can be adapted to meet your business needs


  • Customer success manager: Ensures end-user adoption, optimises solution value for the customer’s business, drives change and evolution according to need
  • Premium end-customer proactive services: Enable IT staff autonomy with enhanced knowledge and productivity by providing access to technical documentation and tools
  • Platinum end-customer proactive services: In addition to Premium services, Platinum services offer direct interaction with a dedicated ALE Technical Advisor to work on long-term plans
  • End-customer support (Communications solutions): Direct customer access to ALE technical support, including dedicated remote Incident Management with options for enhanced SLA, 24x7 coverage, real-time monitoring, third-party incidents dunning
  • Premium end-customer support (Network solutions): Direct customer access to a dedicated ALE engineer responsible for managing incidents and knowledge transfer
  • Managed services: Optimise your IT and focus on your business. We ensure seamless solution management by assuming responsibility for managing infrastructures and operations on your behalf.
  • Common uses cases addressed by pre-defined solutions: Benefit from existing use cases. Get the source code and focus on last mile customisations to introduce new usages and improve your customers’ experience
  • API development coaching: Enable developers to create and integrate communications into existing core business applications, confirm use case feasibility, coach for best practices, enable developer autonomy
  • Administrator training: Provide training services to optimise products and enable autonomy

Customer Benefits

On-demand services

ALE solutions and services are provided to our customers by our Business Partners. ALE offers Customer Services when there is a need for expanded engagement from the vendor.

Full-options accompaniment

Customer Services provides seamless support with ALE managing your infrastructure evolution, operations and usage optimization. Your business is secured while the infrastructure is adapted to meet your needs.