Evolutions in mobility and the IoT are directly impacting network infrastructure, driving enterprises to fundamentally reconsider their technology choices.

In recent years, IoT devices were designed to benefit staff productivity, offer exciting new features and improve customer experience have been entering the market. And because of these significant benefits, it’s business units who are driving adoption.

Legacy wireless technology is unable to support these devices, so IT must find new technologies to connect them and make sure they operate efficiently – and without vulnerability – whether in traditional ‘carpeted areas’ or on the factory floor; underground or the sky.

Deep integration with other systems like metrics platforms, CRM software, and the cloud provides the smart analytics needed to set up and automate access policies. This ensures ‘best-fit’ performance, data-driven decision-making – and means fewer resources are needed to manage the network.

MGI (McKinsey Global Institute) predicts that IoT applications will have a potential economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion a year by 2025. Video analytics applications, which are expected to have a compound annual growth rate of greater than 50 percent over the next five years, could significantly contribute to the expansion of IoT applications.

McKinsey Global Institute

McKinsey Article

A snapshot of enterprise mobility today:

  • On-campus, traditional mobile WLAN/DECT handsets are still useful in manufacturing and healthcare environments
  • But now, most workplace communications happen over a company’s Wi-Fi network
  • Users collaborate via multiple devices and apps with VoIP, IM, video chat, file sharing and more
  • BYOD has become the norm, so IT must support all employees, customers and visitors bringing personal devices onto the company network
  • Users expect excellent, seamless performance everywhere on your campus
  • A robust mobility strategy that looks ahead to future developments is critical

Mobility for devices in the IoT age

IT Decision Makers shared their thoughts about the current state of the market and the trends that will affect their organizations in the future. Security and manageability are seen as the biggest Network Infrastructure challenges.

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Top mobility questions in the hospitality industry:

  • Is it just a matter of bandwidth?
  • Can all buildings benefit?
  • How real is the threat to security?
  • How do you balance guest access and data privacy?

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We are pleased that the development of the Wi-Fi environment in convention facilities has improved convenience for convention participants and has made Fukuoka City a more attractive destination for meetings and events. They can download and read the academic documents, business materials anywhere, anytime. It gives them flexibility and mobility to power their success!

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Necessary evolutions for truly mobility-ready networks

Enterprise mobility is no longer just about wireless handsets and smartphones. As we enter the IoT age, it’s also about access, endpoints and security: devices like student tablets in classrooms, intelligent traffic systems on highways and wearable patient monitors in hospitals.

Of course, behind every aspect of mobile communications, the mobile campus and the Internet of Things is the network. Whether wired or wireless, 3G or 4G, private or public, network infrastructures underpin every kind of mobility.

In this landscape of transformation, companies are rethinking the very foundation of the network in order to reduce costs, improve performance and security, and introduce pioneering new devices.

New mobility strategies offer a competitive advantage

An effective mobile strategy balances these technologies with specific user needs in your industry or market sector. Properly planned and deployed, it isn’t just users who benefit from a mobile enterprise; IT, operations and even marketing stand to gain. And you’ll be opening your company’s doors to the rich future of the IoT.

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