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June 21, 2023

Improve your customer experience by connecting your customer with the right expert, at the right time, in the right context.

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If we still believe ‘the customer is king (or queen)’, then we had better do whatever it takes to make sure they are happy. With today’s quick, easy access to digital media and social networks, brands can be elevated or taken to their knees with the push of a button. Ensuring you deliver a customer experience that is second to none, is crucial. That means making your customer service strategy a top priority and getting your entire workforce on board.

Technology that enables superior communications and collaboration across mediums and provides employees with the tools they need to engage in meaningful contextual   customer interactions, will win the day. While technology will help, organisations also need to optimise resources and budgets while continuing to deliver world-class customer service, to retain and attract new customers. Connecting customers with the right expert, at the right time to ensure a quick response and first-call resolution must be a top priority. After all, we know from experience that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer.

An inclusive strategy

While it might be a challenge for large businesses to include the entire organisation in their customer experience strategy, expertise can be spread across teams. It’s important that all employees are on board with the business priorities and customer experience values. Experts on the front line need to have the right collaboration tools, devices and applications to be easily reachable and to provide context to customer interactions. This approach will create a win-win for customers  who benefit from quality responses, and employees working together as a team.

At Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, we provide comprehensive solutions that let your entire workforce be a part of the customer experience. With our intelligent call routing and distribution, desk phones and softphone applications we support your customer service goals. In addition, ALE subscription-based models can provide you with the flexibility to quickly adapt to new demands, on the fly, as needed.

Customers choose

Technology savvy customers are choosing how, when and where they want to interact. Delivering consistent, high-level service while managing multiple interaction channels, as well as dealing with the growing digital channels demanded by the younger generation, are among today’s challenges.

Ensuring customers feel valued, respected and connected is key. Multi-channel engagement creates new opportunities to connect with new prospects, and it can provide contextual interactions with existing customers to better meet their expectations and potentially boost business.

While the spectrum of access including telephone, email, websites and social networks, is pretty consistent, we still need to bring coherence between all these channels. An omnichannel strategy offers a variety of new conversational channels through which customers can achieve first-contact resolution with an equal level of quality and efficiency. While digital channels still only represent a small portion of the exchanges happening between customers and brands, they are on the rise. Not offering these channels may ultimately result in cutting out part of your customer base.

First-time every-time

Ensuring your brand, products and services stay top of mind (in a good way), means responding quickly and effectively every-time. Rapid response with first-call resolution must be a top priority for customer-focused organisations. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications can help you add context to customer conversations by providing a history of exchanges, preferences, expectations, and most importantly, relevant information about the situation at hand or any other ongoing issues. Employees with this type of data at their fingertips can reduce customer anxiety or hostility and help to quickly resolve any issues. Additionally, Artificial Intelligence assistance can provide typical answers to address customer requests, and frontline self-service applications such as chatbots or voicebots can seamlessly escalate to a human agent for more complex issues.

Improving your organisation’s customer experience strategy doesn’t have to be daunting and it doesn’t have to mean an over-haul. ALE has the solutions to improve your customer’s experiences by connecting them with the right expert at the right time, with the right context to ensure the customer experience equals customer satisfaction.

To learn more about how to turn customer service centres into customer satisfaction centres visit our web page.


Ludovic Leclerc

Product Marketing Manager, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Expert for over 20 years in telecommunication solutions, from carrier to enterprise business, Ludovic began his career as a software engineer and then moved to sales support and tendering for complex customer projects. As a Product Marketing Manager, he is currently focused on Cloud Communications and Customer Service solutions. Ludovic holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science (network, system, and cloud) from Polytech Nantes, France.

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