A business continuity strategy, together with expert and professional support keeps ALE customers up and running in the time of crisis.

Some people might think that being the Ambassador for Customer Happiness during this health crisis would be particularly challenging. However, that’s not exactly true. I believe that when faced with a challenge as difficult as this—in particular, one which none of us has ever had to endure—the fundamental values of individuals and organizations truly emerge. I’ve seen it in my community and in business.

At Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, business continuity is a fundamental part of our mission. Our customers are our family, and keeping their businesses running is our number one priority.

Recently, we were contacted by a long time customer, Rockville Centre School District, a K-12 school district in Nassau County, New York. Like many organizations today, they are challenged to keep things up and running. Following the Executive Order issued by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office in March with regard to school closures, Rockville Centre School District reached out to ALE to assist in pulling together a plan that would allow staff to move out of the schools and administration buildings and get setup to work from home as quickly as possible.

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Having worked together for many years, Rockville was confident in the expert guidance and support provided by the ALE team. Using existing hardware, the ALE team instructed Rockville on how to reconfigure the WLAN access points so staff could take the equipment home and essentially extend the network into their homes. This enabled the teachers and the staff to work in the safety of their homes, while also allowing the teachers to access their teaching plans, lessons, and support documentation stored in the on-premises servers. The new configuration also provided the option to send the phones home, which retained all of the in-district features and programming.

Today, the Rockville Centre School District is operating as if they were still working out of their buildings. All of this also makes it possible for the teachers to actually teach their students from home. While many districts are challenged with similar issues, with help from the ALE team, Rockville was able to hit the ground running.

A special acknowledgement from Mike Anderson, Director of Technology, at Rockville Centre, goes out to Sung Oh who jumped into action to assist in this effort, as well as to Steve Roos and the rest of his team including Jim Dellomo, Raul Valdez, Adrian Rogers, and the many others who worked to ensure Rockville received the very best support.

“The Rockville Centre School District has come to expect and rely on this level of support from Mr. Roos and his team. They are clearly all subject matter experts, but more importantly they are also caring professionals who are prepared to step up time and again whenever they are needed. This is why we love ALE! You guys help us in times of need and you make it work quickly and efficiently. Thank You.”

Mike Anderson, Director of Technology
Rockville Centre School District

At ALE, we recognize that we could not be who we are without our dedicated customers. Whether it’s an educational institute, hospitality environment, healthcare facility, or government organization, we are with them each step of the way ensuring they have a plan to get through this crisis.

As we all struggle to navigate our new normal, working together with ALE customers and colleagues, we continue to bring creative solutions to uncertain circumstances, and at the end of the day… that’s pretty darn satisfying for this Ambassador of Customer Happiness.

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Tracy Duprée is the Ambassador of Customer Happiness at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise in North America. Her passion lies in storytelling, social media and assuring all are having a good time and experience along their journey of life.

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