Mayotte Hospital modernises its infrastructure to ensure continuity of communications, essential to continuity of care

  • Country: France
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Solution: Customer Service, Business Telephony

The Mayotte Hospital is located on the island of Mayotte, in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean. It is the only hospital in the region, and is comprised of a unique network of 15 sites that cover inpatient and outpatient care needs for the whole territory. It is also the largest maternity hospital in Europe with almost 10,000 births per year.

The hospital was experiencing challenges guaranteeing telephone capabilities between sites. A competing DECT solution was unable to fully address the hospital's needs, in terms of robustness and coverage, to ensure reliable and comprehensive staff mobility. The ability to deploy a stable and modern telephone system to ensure service continuity became critical.

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The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions deployed and supported by Amaris have modernized and stabilized the hospital operational capabilities, as they are entirely tailored to a hospital environment.

Omar Hamada, Director of Information Systems (IS) at the hospital


  • The IS department needed support for the telephone services to adapt the infrastructure in line with changing needs.
  • The hospital reception was having to cope with an increasing number of calls for internal and external transfers towards hospital departments.
  • They required a solution that would provide voice and video conferencing to facilitate the coordination of internal and remote health workers (with employees working from home or at remote sites).

Business Partner Amaris' dedicated accompaniment in terms of assistance, optimizing the system configuration, and extremely responsive support has greatly improved the telephone service quality. The hospital replaced the DECT infrastructure with a voice-over-WLAN solution for all staff (administrative/IT/medical) and invested in a Visual Automated Attendant to facilitate the flow of incoming internal and external calls.
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  • Stability, reliability, and robustness of the fixed and mobile telephony infrastructure with redundancy and survivability at the main remote sites
  • IS team saves time on maintenance, enabling them to focus on value-added tasks
  • IS team skills development with the support of Amaris' technical expertise


  • Savings on equipment replacement costs

User experience

  • Reduced call handling wait time for patients
  • Restored confidence and increased staff satisfaction with telephone services (N-party conferencing, call stability, robust WLAN handsets, simplified directory access, tandem function between fixed and mobile phones)

Future development plans

  • Rainbow cloud application under study to facilitate collaboration and conference calls, as well as networking via smartphones
  • Notification services for alarm escalation
  • Upgrade of WLAN handsets
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