Tectum Group implemented a flexible Cloud-based communications solution to support its strategic growth through acquisitions and enable quick onboarding of new sites.

  • Country: Belgium
  • Industry: Construction & Real Estate
  • Solution: Cloud Communications

Business Partner: NTT

Tectum Group is an expert in roof, facade and balustrade construction. The group provides guidance throughout each project’s life cycle, from design to renovation. Headquartered in Genk, Belgium, Tectum Group has a total of 14 sites across Belgium and is growing quickly through strategic acquisitions. The family-owned group does business in the Benelux countries as well as Poland.

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Moving our communications to the Cloud has delivered the flexibility and simplicity we needed to consolidate and continue our ambitious strategy of growth through mergers and acquisitions.

Rudy Evens, CEO, Tectum Group

Tectum Group


  • Tectum Group faced challenges in expanding its legacy communications solution to onboard new sites and companies, which was a significant issue given the group’s fast pace of growth through acquisitions.

  • A new solution offering greater flexibility and simplicity was urgently needed to facilitate efficient communications across all Tectum Group sites.

Products & Solutions


  • The Cloud-based solution enables speedy onboarding of new company sites within a matter of weeks.
  • Management is simplified, with one trained Tectum Group technician able to manage everything centrally.
  • Transparent software upgrades keep the solution up-to-date, enabling the timely deployment of new features.


  • OTEC supports Tectum Group’s growth strategy by facilitating efficient communications across sites and ensuring new acquisitions are connected to the rest of the group as quickly as possible.
  • The monthly use-based pricing offers complete cost transparency.

User Experience:

  • Migrating the legacy Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX® Enterprise solution to the cloud means users have retained the same interface they are used to. Most do not even realize the solution has become cloud-based.
  • Employees across the group can reach one another efficiently thanks to the easy-to-use extension directory. 
  • The ability to create groups with OTEC supports better communications and teamwork.
  • The solution delivers a standardized user experience across all sites.
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